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चैत्र m. caitra first lunar month of Hindu year
चैत्र m. caitra April
चैत्र m. caitra March - April
चैत्र adj. caitra same as citra or jaitra
चैत्र m. caitra common name for any man
चैत्र m. caitra Jain religious mendicant
चैत्र m. caitra 6th year in the cycle of Jupiter
चैत्र m. caitra son of citrA
चैत्र m. caitra one of the seven ranges of mountains
चैत्र n. caitra sanctuary
चैत्र n. caitra sepulchre
चैत्रावली f. caitrAvalI day of full moon in month caitra
चैत्ररथ m. caitraratha name of a dvyaha ceremony
चैत्रसख m. caitrasakha friend of month caitra
चैत्रसख m. caitrasakha god of love
चैत्ररथ्य n. caitrarathya kubera's grove
चैत्रभानव adj. caitrabhAnava belonging to god of fire
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