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चेत्य adj. cetya perceivable
चैत्य adj. caitya relating to a funeral pile or mound
चैत्य m. caitya hall or temple or place of worship
चैत्य m. caitya sacred tree growing on a mound
चैत्य m. caitya individual soul
चैत्य m. caitya sanctuary near a village
चैत्य m. caitya Jain or image
चैत्य n. caitya funeral monument or stUpa or pyramidal column containing the ashes of deceased persons
चैत्यक m. caityaka one of the 5 mountains surrounding the town girivraja
चैत्यद्रु m. caityadru large tree in a village
चैत्यद्रु m. caityadru religious fig-tree
चैत्यपाल m. caityapAla guardian of a a caitya
चैत्यतरु m. caityataru tree standing on a sacred spot
चैत्यमुख m. caityamukha having an opening like that of a sanctuary
चैत्यमुख m. caityamukha hermit's water-pot
चैत्यवृक्ष m. caityavRkSa religious fig-tree
चैत्ययज्ञ m. caityayajJa sacrificial ceremony performed at a monument
चैत्यस्थान n. caityasthAna place made sacred by a monument or a sanctuary
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