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गर्भ m. garbha calyx
पद्मकोश m. padmakoza calyx of a lotus
शुङ्गिन् adj. zuGgin having a sheath or calyx
शुङ्ग m. zuGga sheath or calyx of a bud
शूक m.n. zUka sheath or calyx of a bud
पद्मगर्भ m. padmagarbha interior or calyx of a lotus
शुङ्गा f. zuGgA sheath or calyx of a young bud
पुष्पपुट m. puSpapuTa hands arranged in the shape of the calyx of a flower
पद्मकोश m. padmakoza particular position of the fingers resembling the calyx of a lotus
शुङ्गाकर्मन् n. zuGgAkarman ceremony connected with the puMsavana at which the calyx of a young bud of the banyan tree is used [Ficus Indica - Bot.]
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