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चपल m. capala bismuth
चपलाङ्ग adj. capalAGga nimble
चपलाङ्ग adj. capalAGga agile
चपलात्मक adj. capalAtmaka inconsequent
चपल adj. capala unsteady
चपल adj. capala wavering
चपल adj. capala momentary
चपल adj. capala ill-mannered
चपल adj. capala fickle
चपल adj. capala swift
चपल adj. capala shaking
चपल adj. capala moving to and fro
चपल adj. capala expeditious
चपल adj. capala quick
चपल adj. capala instantaneous
चपल adj. capala inconstant
चपल adj. capala trembling
चपल adj. capala inconsiderate
चपल adj. capala wanton
चपल adj. capala agile
चपल adj. capala thoughtless
चपला f. capalA lightning
चपल m. capala kind of mouse
चपल m. capala black mustard
चपल m. capala kind of perfume
चपल m. capala kind of stone
चपल m. capala wind
चपल m. capala fish
चपल m. capala quicksilver
चापल n. cApala mobility
चापल n. cApala insolence
चपल n. capala disloyal wife
चपल n. capala whore
चापल n. cApala swiftness
चापल n. cApala inconsiderateness
चापल n. cApala inconsiderate conduct
चपल n. capala tongue
चापल n. cApala agitation
चापल n. cApala unsteadiness
चपल n. capala kind of metal
चपल n. capala long pepper
चपल n. capala goddess lakSmi or fortune
चपल n. capala spirituous liquor
चापल n. cApala fickleness
चपलम् ind. capalam quickly
चपलक adj. capalaka fickle
चपलक adj. capalaka inconsiderate
चपलता adj. capalatA fickleness
चपलता adj. capalatA inconsistency
चपलता adj. capalatA rudeness
चपलता f. capalatA inconstancy
चपलता f. capalatA trembling
चपलाङ्ग m. capalAGga Gangetic dolphin [Delphinus Gangeticus - Zoo.]
चपलाङ्ग m. capalAGga swift-bodied
चपलाक्ष adj. capalAkSa one whose eyes move to and fro
चपलगण m. capalagaNa troop of ill-mannered boys
चपलाजन m. capalAjana and the goddess of fortune
चपलाजन m. capalAjana fickle or unsteady woman
चपलायते verb capalAyate move or jump to and fro
चपलायते verb caus. capalAyate { capalAya } jump to and fro
चपलायते verb caus. capalAyate { capalAya } move to and fro
चपलयति verb capalayati cause someone to be rude
चपलयति verb caus. capalayati { capalaya } cause anyone to act inconsiderately on
चपलात्मक adj. capalAtmaka of a fickle nature
चपलात्मक adj. capalAtmaka of fickle nature
चापलाश्रय m. cApalAzraya unsteadiness
चपलबुद्धि adj. capalabuddhi hare-brained
चपलताशय m. capalatAzaya indigestion
चपलताशय m. capalatAzaya flatulence
चपल-हृदय adj. capala-hRdaya fickleminded
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