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चर्षणि adj. carSaNi agile
चर्षणि adj. carSaNi cultivating
चर्षणि adj. carSaNi seeing
चर्षणि adj. carSaNi swift
चर्षणि adj. carSaNi active
चर्षणि f. carSaNi people
चर्षणि f. carSaNi race
चर्षणि f. carSaNi cultivators
चर्षणी f. carSaNI disloyal wife
चर्षणि f. carSaNi men
चर्षणिप्रा adj. carSaNiprA satisfying men
चर्षणीसह् adj. carSaNIsah ruling over or overpowering men
चर्षणीधृत् adj. carSaNIdhRt supporting or protecting men
चर्षणीधृति f. carSaNIdhRti support or protection of men
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