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भृत ppp. bhRta carried
सम्पादनीय adj. sampAdanIya to be carried out or accomplished or effected
उदूढ adj. udUDha carried
ऊढ adj. UDha carried
सम्भृत adj. sambhRta carried
चोदित adj. codita carried on
आस्थित adj. Asthita carried to
उह्यते verb pass. uhyate { vah } be carried
अपहरणीय adj. apaharaNIya carried off
अपोढ adj. apoDha carried off
मुषित adj. muSita carried off
अपहारित adj. apahArita carried off
अपहृत adj. apahRta carried off
पराहृत adj. parAhRta carried off
अनूढ adj. anUDha not carried
निर्व्यूढ adj. nirvyUDha carried out
हारित adj. hArita carried off
विलुप्त adj. ppp. vilupta carried away
बभ्रि adj. babhri being carried
सम्प्रचरति verb sampracarati { sampracar } be carried on
ऊढ्वा UDhvA having carried
सुपर्यवसित adj. suparyavasita well carried out
पर्णवी adj. parNavI carried by wings
उद्वहन n. udvahana being carried on
अश्वबुध्न adj. azvabudhna carried by horses
सम्प्रमुषित adj. sampramuSita carried quite away
प्रतिवोधव्य adj. prativodhavya to be carried home
अङ्कभाज् adj. aGkabhAj carried on the hip
रथी adj. rathI carried on a wagon
रथिन् adj. rathin carried in chariot
अपास्य adj. apAsya carried off or away
ऊढ adj. UDha borne or carried on
अपास्त adj. apAsta carried off or away
विप्रुत adj. vipruta cast or carried away
अश्वपृष्ठ adj. azvapRSTha carried on horseback
प्रमाथित adj. pramAthita forcibly carried off
रथोढ adj. rathoDha carried on a chariots
संवाह्य adj. saMvAhya to be borne or carried
भर्तव्य adj. bhartavya to be borne or carried
सन्धार्य adj. sandhArya to be borne or carried
हार्य adj. hArya to be borne or carried
नरवाहिन् adj. naravAhin drawn or carried by men
ओढ adj. oDha brought or carried near
सुखवह adj. sukhavaha easily borne or carried
अश्वप्रणीत adj. azvapraNIta carried near by a horse
आभृत adj. AbhRta brought or carried near
अस्पृत adj. aspRta not forcibly carried off
ध्वज m. dhvaja skull carried on a staff
सुभर adj. subhara easily carried or handled
डा f. DA basket carried by a sling
डा f. DA basket carried by a sling
अलातचक्र n. alAtacakra fire-brand carried around
हस्तकमल n. hastakamala lotus carried in the hand
निर्हारण n. nirhAraNa causing to be carried out
वहते verb vahate { vah } be borne or carried along
वहति verb vahati { vah } be borne or carried along
वनीवाहित adj. vanIvAhita carried hither and thither
चाक्र adj. cAkra carried on with the discus
अनन्यहृत adj. ananyahRta not carried off by another
निर्हारयति verb caus. nirhArayati { nirhR } cause to be carried out on
प्रस्थापनीय adj. prasthApanIya to be carried or driven off
सुवह adj. suvaha easy to be drawn or carried
अपवृत्त adj. apavRtta finished carried to the end
कदली f. kadalI flag carried by an elephant
करिवैजयन्ती f. karivaijayantI flag carried by an elephant
कदलिका f. kadalikA flag carried by an elephant
नीतायाः f. nItAyAH { nI } of she who was carried away
विलुप्यते verb pass. vilupyate { vilup } be torn away or carried off
निर्हृत adj. nirhRta taken or carried forth or out
स्कन्धोपनेय adj. skandhopaneya to be carried on the shoulders
शुनेषित adj. zuneSita drawn along or carried by dogs
धार्य adj. dhArya to be borne or worn or carried
असम्प्रमोष m. asampramoSa not allowing to be carried off
विलुप्तपूर्व adj. viluptapUrva torn off or carried away before
स्कन्धवाह्य adj. skandhavAhya being carried on the shoulder of
वारुठ m. vAruTha bed on which a corpse is carried
अहृत adj. ahRta not captivated or carried away by
आवेशन n. Avezana house in which work is carried on
चेष्टापृथक्त्वनिवर्तिन् adj. ceSTApRthaktvanivartin to be carried out by separate acts
सञ्चारिन् adj. saJcArin taken or carried together with one
गजढक्का f. gajaDhakkA kettle-drum carried on an elephant
मदानात m. madAnAta kettle-drum carried on an elephant
चक्रमुसल adj. cakramusala carried on with the discus and club
भर m. bhara carrying away or what is carried away
प्रवह m. pravaha reservoir into which water is carried
वोढव्य adj. voDhavya to be borne or carried or drawn or led
पराक्षिप्तमनस् adj. parAkSiptamanas having the mind carried away or enraptured
वर्तितव्य adj. vartitavya to be carried out or practised or observed
पांसुर m. pAMsura cripple carried or moving about in a chair
वहनीय adj. vahanIya to be carried or borne or drawn or conducted
दुर्धर adj. durdhara difficult to be carried or borne or suffered
निर्वाह्य adj. nirvAhya to be carried on or accomplished or performed
अपारणीय adj. apAraNIya not to be carried to the end or triumphed over
नीतदक्षिण adj. nItadakSiNa one whose sacrificial fee has been carried off
काष्ठमल्ल m. kASThamalla bier or plank on which dead bodies are carried
पौरुष m. pauruSa weight or load which can be carried by one man
सुविहित adj. suvihita well done or performed or arranged or carried out
अधार्य adj. adhArya unfit or improper to be held or carried or kept up
ध्वज m. dhvaja sign of any trade and the business there carried on
वर्ध्रकठिन n. vardhrakaThina strap or band by means of which anything is carried