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सविभक्तिक adj. savibhaktika having a case-termination
विविभक्तिक adj. vivibhaktika lacking case-terminations
सुबर्थ m. subartha meaning of a case-termination
वैभक्त adj. vaibhakta relating to a case-termination
आप्तविभक्तिक adj. Aptavibhaktika complete as to case-terminations
असर्वविभक्ति adj. asarvavibhakti not taking every case-termination
सौप adj. saupa relating to the case-terminations
शस् adj. zas technical case-termination of accusative plural
सर्वनामस्थान n. sarvanAmasthAna case-termination before which the strong base of a noun is used
सुप् sup pratyAhAra used as a term for all or for anyone of the 21 case-terminations [gramm.]
सुबन्त n. subanta technical expression for an inflected noun as ending with a case-termination
सुप्तिङन्त n. suptiGanta inflected noun or verb as ending with a case-termination or verbal termination
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