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चतुर adj. catura prudent
चतुर adj. catura clever
चतुर adj. catura skilful
चतुरङ्ग n. caturaGga chess
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra rectagular
चतुरश्र m. caturazra square
चतुरश्रक n. caturazraka scenery
चतुरङ्गफलक n. caturaGgaphalaka chess-board
चतुरः पाठम् अपठत् sent. caturaH pATham apaThat the wise one reads the lesson
चातुर adj. cAtura clever
चतुर adj. catura swift
चातुर adj. cAtura governing
चतुर adj. catura shrewd
चतुर adj. catura dexterous
चतुर adj. catura visible
चतुर adj. catura ingenious
चातुर adj. cAtura shrewd
चातुर adj. cAtura drawn by 4
चातुर adj. cAtura visible
चतुर adj. catura agreeable
चतुर adj. catura quick
चतुर adj. catura charming
चातुर adj. cAtura speaking kindly
चातुर adj. cAtura flattering
चतुर m. catura round pillow
चतुर m. catura Rohu carp [Cyprinus Rohita - Zoo.]
चतुर m. catura particular position of the hand
चातुर m. cAtura small round pillow
चातुर n. cAtura chaise
चातुर n. cAtura coach
चतुर n. catura elephant's stable
चतुरम् ind. caturam quickly
चतुरग adj. caturaga going quickly
चतुरह m. caturaha period of 4 days
चतूराजी f. catUrAjI 4 kings
चातुरक adj. cAturaka governing
चतुरक adj. caturaka skilful
चतुरक adj. caturaka clever
चातुरक adj. cAturaka visible
चातुरक adj. cAturaka flattering
चातुरक m. cAturaka small round pillow
चतुरता f. caturatA cleverness
चतुरता f. caturatA skilfulness
चतुरङ्ग adj. caturaGga having 4 limbs
चतुरङ्ग adj. caturaGga comprising elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry
चतुरङ्ग m. caturaGga melon [Cucumis Utilissimus - Bot.]
चतुरङ्ग n. caturaGga kind of chess
चातुरक्ष cAturakSa cast of dice with 4 dots
चतुरक्ष adj. caturakSa four-eyed
चतुरम्ल n. caturamla 4 sour substances
चतुरन्त adj. caturanta bordered on all 4 sides
चतुरन्ता f. caturantA earth
चतुरन्ता f. caturantA king
चतूरात्र n. catUrAtra lasting 4 days
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra quadrangular
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra regular
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra four-cornered
चतुरश्र m. caturazra particular position of the hands
चतुरश्र m. caturazra kind of measure
चतुरश्र m. caturazra quadrangular figure
चतुरश्र n. caturazra particular posture
चतुरश्रि adj. caturazri quadrangular
चतुरङ्गिन् adj. caturaGgin comprising elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry
चतुरानन m. caturAnana brahmA
चतुरानन m. caturAnana four-faced
चतुरनीक adj. caturanIka four-faced
चतुरणुक n. caturaNuka aggregate of 4 atoms
चतुरर्थ adj. caturartha having 4 meanings
चतुरात्मन् adj. caturAtman having 4 faces or shapes
चतुरात्मन् adj. caturAtman representing 4 persons
चतूरात्रम् ind. catUrAtram during 4 days
चतुरशीत adj. caturazIta the 84th
चतुरङ्गुल m. caturaGgula golden shower tree [Cathartocarpus Fistula - Bot.]
चतुरङ्गुल n. caturaGgula 4 fingers of the hand
चतुरङ्गुल n. caturaGgula four fingers broad
चतुरङ्गुल n. caturaGgula 4 inches
चतुरक्रम m. caturakrama kind of measure
चतुरक्षर adj. caturakSara consisting of 4 syllables
चतुरक्षर n. caturakSara combination of 4 syllables
चतुरष्टक adj. caturaSTaka having 4 days called aSTakAs
चतुरवत्त n. caturavatta 4 times cut off or taken up
चतुरवत्त n. caturavatta consisting of 4 avadAnas
चतुरश्रक adj. caturazraka forming a quadrangular figure
चतुरश्रक adj. caturazraka four-cornered
चतुरश्रक m. caturazraka particular posture
चतुरश्रता f. caturazratA harmony
चतुरश्रता f. caturazratA regularity
चतुरध्यायी f. caturadhyAyI consisting of 4 adhyAyas
चतुरग्निवत् adj. caturagnivat having 4 fires
चतुरंशवत् adj. caturaMzavat consisting of 4 parts
चातुरर्थिक adj. cAturarthika used in the 4 senses
चतुराश्रमिन् adj. caturAzramin passing the 4 stages of a Brahman's life
चातुराश्रम्य n. cAturAzramya 4 periods of a Brahman's life
चतुरङ्गबल n. caturaGgabala entire army
चतुरस्रयान adj. caturasrayAna moving regularly
चातुराश्रमिक adj. cAturAzramika being in one of the 4 periods of life
चतुरङ्गक्रीडा f. caturaGgakrIDA playing at chess
चतुरक्षरशस् ind. caturakSarazas in numbers of 4 syllables
चतुरशीतितम adj. caturazItitama the 84th
चतुरस्रशोभिन् adj. caturasrazobhin beautifully symmetrical
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