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चतुरश्र adj. caturazra rectagular
चतुरश्र m. caturazra square
चतुरश्रक n. caturazraka scenery
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra quadrangular
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra four-cornered
चतुरश्र adj. caturazra regular
चतुरश्र m. caturazra particular position of the hands
चतुरश्र m. caturazra quadrangular figure
चतुरश्र m. caturazra kind of measure
चतुरश्र n. caturazra particular posture
चतुरश्रक adj. caturazraka forming a quadrangular figure
चतुरश्रक adj. caturazraka four-cornered
चतुरश्रक m. caturazraka particular posture
चतुरश्रता f. caturazratA harmony
चतुरश्रता f. caturazratA regularity
चतुराश्रमिन् adj. caturAzramin passing the 4 stages of a Brahman's life
चातुराश्रम्य n. cAturAzramya 4 periods of a Brahman's life
चतुरस्रयान adj. caturasrayAna moving regularly
चातुराश्रमिक adj. cAturAzramika being in one of the 4 periods of life
चतुरस्रशोभिन् adj. caturasrazobhin beautifully symmetrical