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चतुर्थांश m. caturthAMza quarter
चतुर्थ adj. caturtha the 4th
चातुर्थ adj. cAturtha treated of in the 4th
चतुर्थ adj. caturtha fourth
चतुर्थ f. caturtha rthaka
चतुर्थ f. caturtha termination of the 4th case
चतुर्था f. caturthA fourth
चतुर्थ f. caturtha dative case
चतुर्थ m. caturtha zUdra
चतुर्थ m. caturtha 4th letter in the first 5 classes of consonants
चतुर्थ m. caturtha 4th caste
चतुर्थ n. caturtha collection of 4
चतुर्थ n. caturtha constituting the 4th part
चतुर्थ n. caturtha quarter
चातुर्थक adj. cAturthaka quartan
चातुर्थक adj. cAturthaka appearing every 4th day
चतुर्थांश m. caturthAMza 4th part
चतुर्थभाज् adj. caturthabhAj receiving the 4th part
चतुर्थकाल m. caturthakAla 4th meal
चतुर्थांशिन् adj. caturthAMzin receiving a quarter
चातुर्थाह्निक adj. cAturthAhnika belonging to the 4th day
चतुर्थकालम् ind. caturthakAlam at the 4th meal-time i.e. at the evening of every 2nd day
चतुर्थफल n. caturthaphala 2nd inequality or equation of a planet
चतुर्थस्वर m. caturthasvara having the 4th tone or accent
चतुर्थाश्रम m. caturthAzrama 4th stage of a Brahman's life
चतुर्थकालिक adj. caturthakAlika one who takes only every 4th meal
चातुर्थकारिरस m. cAturthakArirasa medicine for keeping off quartan ague
चतुर्थभक्तक्षपण n. caturthabhaktakSapaNa fasting so as to take only every 4th meal
चतुर्थः, -थी, -थम् adj. caturthaH, -thI, -tham fourth
चतुर्थमन्द्रातिस्वार्य adj. caturthamandrAtisvArya said of a kind of recitation of the
चतुर्थमन्द्रातिस्वार्य adj. caturthamandrAtisvArya to be lengthened in a particular way
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