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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
वेट् ind. veT ceremonies
द्वादशसंस्कार m. dvAdazasaMskAra 12 ceremonies
अन्तसत्क्रिया f. antasatkriyA funeral ceremonies
सत्क्रिया f. satkriyA funeral ceremonies
अन्त्येष्टिक्रिया f. antyeSTikriyA funeral ceremonies
सकल्प adj. sakalpa having rites or ceremonies
मृतसंस्कार m. mRtasaMskAra funeral rites or ceremonies
शूद्राह्निक n. zUdrAhnika daily ceremonies of a zUdra
कर्मविधि m. karmavidhi mode of conducting ceremonies
त्र्युपसत्क adj. tryupasatka containing 3 upasad ceremonies
दिनकर्तव्य n. dinakartavya ceremonies to be performed daily
अनुष्ठानस्मारक adj. anuSThAnasmAraka reminding of religious ceremonies
भवरुद् f. bhavarud drum played at funeral ceremonies
जनत् ind. janat an exclamation used in ceremonies
मङ्गलाचारयुक्त adj. maGgalAcArayukta attended with auspicious ceremonies
पुंवद्विधान n. puMvadvidhAna ceremonies as on the birth of a male
कल्पकार m. kalpakAra author of rules on ritual or ceremonies
आचमनी n. AcamanI sipping water from the palm of the hand [before religious ceremonies , before meals for purification]
विव्रत adj. vivrata performing various actions or ceremonies
अनुष्ठानक्रम m. anuSThAnakrama order of performing religious ceremonies
क्रियावत् adj. kriyAvat performing ceremonies in the right manner
मृत्युतूर्य n. mRtyutUrya kind of drum beaten at funeral ceremonies
गृहशुद्धि f. gRhazuddhi ceremonies for the purification of a house
मञ्चमण्डप m. maJcamaNDapa platform erected for particular ceremonies
क्षीणाज्यकर्मन् adj. kSINAjyakarman one who has done with sacrificial ceremonies
दर्शपूर्णमास m. darzapUrNamAsa ceremonies conducted on new and full moon days
पिन्वन n. pinvana particular vessel used in religious ceremonies
चतुष्पथ n. catuSpatha one of the 18 ceremonies performed with kuNDas
कुश m. kuza sacred grass used at certain religious ceremonies
चतुर्थीकर्मन् n. caturthIkarman ceremonies performed on the 4th day of a marriage
क्रियाकलाप m. kriyAkalApa great body of ceremonies enjoined in the Hindu law
क्रियासमूह m. kriyAsamUha whole of the ceremonies from impregnation to cremation
कृताहक adj. kRtAhaka one who has performed the daily ceremonies or devotions
पुत्रधर्मतस् ind. putradharmatas according to the ceremonies usual on the birth of a son
क्रियालोप m. kriyAlopa discontinuance or loss of any of the essential ceremonies
परपाकरत m. parapAkarata one who lives upon others but observes the due ceremonies
संस्कार्य adj. saMskArya to be consecrated or hallowed with the necessary ceremonies
वट् adverb vaT an interjection or exclamation used in sacrificial ceremonies
संस्काराधिकारिन् adj. saMskArAdhikArin one who has a right to receive all the purificatory ceremonies
अन्वाहार्य m. anvAhArya presented to the Rtvij priest at the darzapUrNamAsa ceremonies
याजुष m. yAjuSa observer of religious ceremonies as prescribed in the yajur-veda
सौर m. saura representation of a solar zodiacal sign used at marriage ceremonies
गृह्यसूत्र n. gRhyasUtra ritual work containing directions for domestic rites and ceremonies
अवगुण्ठन n. avaguNThana peculiar intertwining of the fingers in certain religious ceremonies
सावन m. sAvana conclusion of a sacrifice or the ceremonies by which it is terminated
जुहोति m. juhoti technical name for those sacrificial ceremonies to which hu is applied
सन्ध्यापात्र n. sandhyApAtra vessel used for pouring out water in performing the sandhyA ceremonies
मङ्गलाचार m. maGgalAcAra repeating a prayer for success and observing other auspicious ceremonies
बह्वृच m. bahvRca priest of it or the hotR priest who represents it in the sacrificial ceremonies
अश्राद्धभोजिन् adj. azrAddhabhojin one who has taken a vow not to eat during the performance of the zrAddha ceremonies
गुरुपूजा f. gurupUjA ceremonies in propitiation of bRhaspati when a work is to be performed or undertaken
गन्धर्वविवाह m. gandharvavivAha marriage proceeding entirely from love without ceremonies and without consulting relatives
सच्छूद्र m. sacchUdra zUdra who has gone through the ceremonies customary in some places even for men of the lower caste
ग्रामयाजक adj. grAmayAjaka offering sacrifices or conducting the ceremonies for every member of a community including unworthy persons
पर्वकारिन् adj. parvakArin one who for the sake of gain performs on common days such ceremonies as should be performed only on festivals
प्रेतश्राद्ध n. pretazrAddha obsequial ceremonies performed for a relative at death and every month for a year and at every anniversary after death
संस्कारहीन m. saMskArahIna man of one of the three classes who has not been a recipient of initiation with the sacred thread or of the other purificatory c
संस्कारहीन m. saMskArahIna man of one of the three classes who has not been a recipient of initiation with the sacred thread or of the other purificatory ceremonies (and hence becomes an outcaste)