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छान्दोम adj. chAndoma taken from the chandomas
छन्दोम m. chandoma 8th
छन्दोम m. chandoma 10th day in the dvAdazAha rite
छन्दोमाला f. chandomAlA similar work
छन्दोमान n. chandomAna measure of a metre
छन्दोमान n. chandomAna syllable regarded as the metrical unit
छन्दोमय adj. chandomaya consisting of or containing or representing sacred hymns
छन्दोमवत् adj. chandomavat accompanied by a chandoma
छन्दोमञ्जरि f. chandomaJjari gaGgAdAsa's work on metre
छन्दोमञ्जरी f. chandomaJjarI gaGgAdAsa's work on metre