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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
प्रणाली f. praNAlI channel
स्त्रोत m. strota channel
सङ्ग्राहि-वाहिनी f. saGgrAhi-vAhinI collecting channel [Irrig.]
वाहिनी f. vAhinI channel
प्रणाडिका f. praNADikA channel
कृत्रिमा f. kRtrimA channel
प्रणालिका f. praNAlikA channel
सारणि f. sAraNi channel
सारिणी f. sAriNI channel
प्रणाडी f. praNADI channel
अपवाह m. apavAha channel
निर्भेद m. nirbheda channel
मार्ग m. mArga channel
हूर्णि m. hUrNi channel
भङ्ग m. bhaGga channel
तीर्थ n. tIrtha channel
हरणि f. haraNi water-channel
हरणि f. haraNi water-channel
सरित्सुरङ्गा f. saritsuraGgA channel of water
परिवाहवत् m. parivAhavat having a channel
पात्र n. pAtra channel of a river
प्रणाल m. praNAla channel from a pond
रदति verb radati { rad } lead into a channel
नीका f. nIkA channel for irrigation
कुल्या f. kulyA channel for irrigation
दूरपात्र adj. dUrapAtra having a wide channel or bed
सुषिर adj. suSira having a good tube or channel
रसायनी f. rasAyanI canal or channel for the fluids
विश्रुति f. vizruti ramification of a channel or road
अनुलोमन n. anulomana carrying off by the right channels
सूर्म्य adj. sUrmya being in tubes or pipes or channels
स्रोतस् n. srotas channel or course for conveying food
सिरा f. sirA vein-like channel or narrow stream of river water
श्मशा f. zmazA elevated ridge or edge of a trench or ditch or channel for water or of a vessel
सोमसूत्र n. somasUtra channel or receptacle for receiving the water with which a liGga has been bathed
सेतुपति m. setupati hereditary title belonging to the chiefs of Ramnad as controlling the passage of the channel between rAmezvara and Ceylon
पिङ्ग m. piGga tubular vessel of the human body which according to the yoga system is the channel of respiration and circulation for one side