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स्तबक m. stabaka chapter
अङ्क m. aGka chapter
परिच्छेद m. pariccheda chapter [in a book]
अध्याय m. adhyAya chapter [in a book]
प्रकश्ण n. prakazNa chapter
प्रकाश adj. prakAza chapter
वाचना f. vAcanA chapter
प्रक्रिया f. prakriyA chapter
उद्ग्रन्थ m. udgrantha chapter
स्थल m. sthala chapter
उद्घात m. udghAta chapter
वर्ग m. varga chapter
उद्द्योत m. uddyota chapter
आलोक m. Aloka chapter
स्कन्ध m. skandha chapter
उद्यत m. udyata chapter
व्यूह m. vyUha chapter
सर्ग m. sarga chapter
ग्रन्थसन्धि m. granthasandhi chapter
विच्छेद m. viccheda chapter
उल्लास m. ullAsa chapter
परिवर्त m. parivarta chapter
खण्ड m. n. khaNDa chapter
काण्ड m.n. kANDa chapter
समापन n. samApana chapter
अनुवचन n. anuvacana chapter
वर्णक n. varNaka chapter
प्रकरण n. prakaraNa chapter [introduction]
तालाध्याय m. tAlAdhyAya time-chapter
तालाध्याय m. tAlAdhyAya time-chapter
नरकवर्ग m. narakavarga hell-chapter
नरकवर्ग m. narakavarga hell-chapter
तालाध्याय m. tAlAdhyAya time-chapter
भूकाण्ड m. bhUkANDa earth-chapter
भूकाण्ड m. bhUkANDa earth-chapter
स्वप्नाध्याय m. svapnAdhyAya dreams-chapter
स्वप्नाध्याय m. svapnAdhyAya dreams-chapter
श्वचक्र n. zvacakra chapter on dogs
पाद m. pAda chapter of a book
स्तबक m. stabaka chapter or section
मानाध्याय m. mAnAdhyAya measurement-chapter
मानाध्याय m. mAnAdhyAya measurement-chapter
सर्गबन्ध m. sargabandha chapter-construction
अनुवाक m. anuvAka chapter of the vedas
सर्गबन्ध m. sargabandha chapter-construction
सर्गबन्ध m. sargabandha chapter-construction
चतुर्व्यूह adj. caturvyUha containing 4 chapters
यथाकाण्डम् ind. yathAkANDam according to chapters
पुष्पिका f. puSpikA last words of a chapter
खण्डिल m. khaNDila short chapter of a book
पञ्चाध्यायी f. paJcAdhyAyI consisting of 5 chapters
यथाध्यायम् ind. yathAdhyAyam according to the chapter
अन्वध्यायम् ind. anvadhyAyam according to the chapters
मन्त्रार्षाध्याय m. mantrArSAdhyAya chapter on the Vedic RSis
नीतिपटल n. nItipaTala chapter or book on policy
सर्वाधिकार m. sarvAdhikAra chapter on various objects
बह्वध्ययन adj. bahvadhyayana consisting of many chapters
बह्वध्याय adj. bahvadhyAya consisting of many chapters
अनुक्रमणिका f. anukramaNikA table or chapter of contents
अनुक्रमणी f. anukramaNI table or chapter of contents
प्रतिकाण्डम् ind. pratikANDam for every section or chapter
सन्दंश m. sandaMza chapter or section of a book
सन्ध्यध्याय m. sandhyadhyAya adhyAya or chapter on sandhi
वृत्तान्त m. vRttAnta chapter or section of a book
परिच्छेद m. pariccheda section or chapter of a book
आश्वास m. AzvAsa chapter or section of a book
पटल n. paTala section or chapter of a book
प्रकीर्ण n. prakIrNa chapter or section of a book
अध्यायशतपाठ m. adhyAyazatapATha Index of One Hundred Chapters
आह्निक n. Ahnika division or chapter of a book
तन्त्र n. tantra chapter of a scientific treatise
सर्वाधिकार m. sarvAdhikAra chapter on objects concerning all
धर्माधिकारिक adj. dharmAdhikArika relating to the chapter on the law
चतुरशीतियोगाध्याय m. caturazItiyogAdhyAya containing 84 chapters on the yoga
शौनकीयचतुराध्यायिका f. zaunakIyacaturAdhyAyikA zaunaka's treatise in four chapters
प्रवरकाण्ड m.n. pravarakANDa chapter about a series of ancestors
सामूहिक m. sAmUhika chapter treating of collective nouns
चिकित्सित n. cikitsita chapters of the therapeutical section
करणाधिकार m. karaNAdhikAra chapter on the subject of pronunciation
प्रकीर्णाध्याय m. prakIrNAdhyAya chapter containing miscellaneous subjects
वीचि f. vIci wave as name of a subdivision of a chapter
आहनस्या f. AhanasyA chapter of the kuntApa hymns in the atharva-veda
चतुष्पाद m. catuSpAda chapter treating of the 4 parts of medical science
सर्गबन्ध m. sargabandha any poem or composition divided into sections or chapters
अग्निशेष m. agnizeSa appendix to the chapter on god of fire in the taittirIya-saMhitA
अभ्यास m. abhyAsa repetition of the last verse of a stanza or of the last word of a chapter
प्राकरणिक adj. prAkaraNika belonging to the matter in question or to a chapter or to a class or genus
कुट्टकाध्याय m. kuTTakAdhyAya that branch or chapter of arithmetic which treats of the multiplier called kuTTaka
कुट्टकव्यवहार m. kuTTakavyavahAra that branch or chapter of arithmetic which treats of the multiplier called kuTTaka