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चक्रपरिधि m. cakraparidhi circumference
परिधि m. paridhi circumference [Geom.]
किम्प्रमाण n. kimpramANa what circumference?
किम्प्रमाण adj. kimpramANa of what circumference?
वृत्तस्य परिधेः मध्ये केन्द्रबिन्दुः भवति sent. vRttasya paridheH madhye kendrabinduH bhavati The center of a circle is at the middle of the circumference of the circle.
अन्तर्नेमि f. antarnemi circumference
पालि f. pAli circumference
वर m. vara circumference
कक्ष m. kakSa circumference
परीणाह m. parINAha circumference
परिक्षेप m. parikSepa circumference
परिणाह m. pariNAha circumference
परिसमन्त m. parisamanta circumference
आभोग m. Abhoga circumference
प्रविस्तर m. pravistara circumference
परीसर m. parIsara circumference
पर्यन्त m. paryanta circumference
परिवेष m. pariveSa circumference
वलय m. n. valaya circumference
वलय m.n. valaya circumference
परिभ्रमण n. paribhramaNa circumference
पारिमाण्य n. pArimANya circumference
परिवेषण n. pariveSaNa circumference
अम्बर n. ambara circumference
परिवेष्टन n. pariveSTana circumference
विधर्मन् n. vidharman circumference
परिवेशन n. parivezana circumference
परीमाण n. parImANa circumference
परिमण्डल n. parimaNDala circumference
मण्डल n. maNDala circumference
उपरताति ind. uparatAti a circumference
नीध्र n. nIdhra circumference of a wheel
प्रधिमण्डल n. pradhimaNDala circumference of a wheel
वप्रक m. vapraka circumference of a sphere
परिणाह m. pariNAha circumference of a circle
वृत्तपरिणाह m. vRttapariNAha circumference of a circle
भूपरिधि m. bhUparidhi circumference of the earth
भूवलय n. bhUvalaya circumference of the earth
महीमण्डल n. mahImaNDala circumference of the earth
परिधि m. paridhi any circumference or circle
न्यग्रोधपरिमण्डल adj. nyagrodhaparimaNDala being a fathom in circumference
घनाभोग m. ghanAbhoga orb or circumference of a cloud
नेमि f. nemi any circumference or edge or rim
स्तूपमण्डल n. stUpamaNDala circumference or extent of a tope
पार्श्व n. pArzva curve or circumference of a wheel
वर्तनि f. vartani circumference or felloe of a wheel
वप्र m.n. vapra circumference of a sphere or globe
वप्रक्षेत्रफल n. vaprakSetraphala circumference of a sphere or globe
यन्मात्र adj. yanmAtra having which measure or circumference
भूमण्डल n. bhUmaNDala circumference or circuit of the earth
रथनेमि f. rathanemi rim or circumference of a chariots-wheel
स्वदेशमध्यपरिधि m. svadezamadhyaparidhi circumference of the terrestrial equator
रथाङ्गनेमि f. rathAGganemi circumference or felly of a chariots-wheel
यावत्कपालम् ind. yAvatkapAlam according to the circumference of the cup or bowl
निघ m. nigha anything whose height and circumference are equal
उपधि m. upadhi part of the wheel between the nave and the circumference
भाग m. bhAga degree or 360th part of the circumference of a great circle
स्वदेशपरिधि m. svadezaparidhi circumference of a circle of longitude in any place that has latitude
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