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करताल m. karatAla clapping
करताडन n. karatADana clapping
आस्फाल m. AsphAla clapping
करतालिका f. karatAlikA clapping the hands
तलताल m. talatAla clapping the hands
करतलताल m. karatalatAla clapping the hands
सहस्ततलम् ind. sahastatalam with clapping of hands
करतालिका f. karatAlikA beating time by clapping
हस्तताल m. hastatAla clapping the hand together
पाणिवाद n. pANivAda clapping the hand together
तालवाद्य n. tAlavAdya clapping the hands together
स्तनित n. stanita noise of clapping the hands
ताण्डवतालिक m. tANDavatAlika dancing and clapping the hands
कङ्कमाला f. kaGkamAlA beating time by clapping the hands
करताल n. karatAla beating time by clapping the hands
करस्वन m. karasvana sound produced by clapping the hands
आस्फोट m. AsphoTa sound of clapping or striking on the arms
आस्फोटन n. AsphoTana slapping or clapping the arms or the noise made by it
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