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नख m. nakha claw
शफ m. zapha claw
पादान्त m. pAdAnta claw
नख m.n. nakha claw
विषाण n. viSANa claws
पञ्चनख adj. paJcanakha 5-clawed
पञ्चनख adj. paJcanakha 5-clawed
कुष्ठिका f. kuSThikA dew-claw
कुष्ठिका f. kuSThikA dew-claw
नखायुध adj. nakhAyudha claw-armed
नखायुध adj. nakhAyudha claw-armed
नखायुध adj. nakhAyudha claw-armed
नीलनख adj. nIlanakha black-clawed
नीलनख adj. nIlanakha black-clawed
व्याघ्रनख m. vyAghranakha tiger's claw
नखिन् m. nakhin clawed animal
गृध्रनखी f. gRdhranakhI vulture-clawed
गृध्रनखी f. gRdhranakhI vulture-clawed
कर्कटश्रिङ्ग n. karkaTazriGga claw of a crab
व्याघ्रनख m. vyAghranakha claw of a tiger
पञ्चनख m. paJcanakha 5-clawed animal
कर m. kara claws of a crab
पञ्चनख m. paJcanakha 5-clawed animal
वज्रनख adj. vajranakha having hard claws
अयोपाष्टि adj. ayopASTi having iron claws
नखाशिन् m. nakhAzin eating with claws
नखर adj. nakhara shaped like a claw
नखर adj. nakhara claw nail-scratch
खरनखर m. kharanakhara having sharp claws
शालार n. zAlAra claw of an elephant
नखिन् adj. nakhin having nails or claws
अपाष्ठिहन् adj. apASThihan killing with the claws
अपाष्ठिह adj. apASThiha killing with the claws
नखदारण m. nakhadAraNa tearing with the claws
शफवत् adj. zaphavat possessing hoofs or claws
कुनख adj. kunakha having ugly nails or claws
नखन्यास m. nakhanyAsa act of inserting the claws
अष्टाशफ adj. aSTAzapha having eight hoofs or claws
महानख adj. mahAnakha having great nails or claws
सखुर adj. sakhura with the claws or having claws
सखुर adj. sakhura with the claws or having claws
कोटि f. koTi curved end of a bow or of claws
पाञ्चनख n. pAJcanakha flesh of an animal with 5 claws
नखविष adj. nakhaviSa having venom in the nail or claws
भग्नदन्तनख adj. bhagnadantanakha having the teeth and claws broken
नखविष्किर m. nakhaviSkira tearing or rending with the claws
गलितनख adj. galitanakha having the claws or nails fallen off
गलितनखदन्त adj. galitanakhadanta one who has lost his claws and teeth
सास्नालाङ्गूलककुदखुरविषाणिन् adj. sAsnAlAGgUlakakudakhuraviSANin having a dewlap tail hump claws horns
पाञ्चनख adj. pAJcanakha made of the skin of an animal with 5 claws
शफ m. zapha wooden implement formed like a claw or hook
अर्धेन्दु m. ardhendu hand expanded in a semicircular from like a claw
अर्धचन्द्र m. ardhacandra hand bent into a semicircle or the shape of a claw
शफग्रह m. zaphagraha hoof or claw of an animal used as a kind of receptacle
कर्करेट m. karkareTa hand curved like a claw for the purpose of grasping anything
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