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मुष्टि m. muSTi clenched hand
मुष्टी करोति verb muSTI karoti { muSTIkR } clench the fist
सङ्गृह्णाति verb saGgRhNAti { saMgrah } clench
सङ्गृह्णीते verb saGgRhNIte { saMgrah } clench
संहरते verb saMharate { saMhR } clench
संहरति verb saMharati { saMhR } clench
सुबद्ध adj. subaddha clenched
बद्ध adj. baddha clenched
काशि m. kAzi clenched hand
मुष्टि m.f. muSTi clenched hand
अर्धमुष्टि m. ardhamuSTi half-clenched hand
अर्धमुष्टि m. ardhamuSTi half-clenched hand
मुष्टिकरण n. muSTikaraNa clenching the fist
मुष्टिकर्मन् n. muSTikarman clenching the fist
सङ्ग्राह m. saGgrAha fist or clenching the fist
रत्नि m. ratni hands with the fist clenched
सम्पिण्डिताङ्गुलि adj. sampiNDitAGguli having the fingers clenched or closed
वज्रमुष्टि m. vajramuSTi one whose clenched fist is like adamant
वज्रमुष्टि m.f. vajramuSTi adamantine clenched fist or a kind of weapon
संवृत् verb saMvRt roll ; to turn towards or hither ; to clench ; to wrap up
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