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संयत् adj. saMyat coherent
संलागिन् adj. saMlAgin coherent
सहभाविन् adj. sahabhAvin coherent
संसक्त adj. saMsakta coherent
संलग्न adj. saMlagna coherent
उपसंश्लिष्ट adj. upasaMzliSTa coherent
संहत adj. saMhata coherent
संयत् adj. saMyat coherent
संश्लिष्ट adj. saMzliSTa coherent
सम्बद्ध adj. sambaddha coherent
सतति adj. satati coherent
सन्दर्भशुद्ध adj. sandarbhazuddha coherent
उत्सङ्गिन् adj. utsaGgin coherent on
उत्सङ्गित adj. utsaGgita made coherent
समनुगत adj. samanugata coherent or connected with
काव्य m. kAvya poetical composition with a coherent plot by a single author
अनुत्तर n. anuttara reply which is coherent or evasive and therefore held to be no answer
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