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संचित ppp. saMcita collected
समाहृत ppp. samAhRta collected
समुपाहृत ppp. samupAhRta collected
स्वस्य सर्वाणि वस्त्राणि यानपेटिकायां सा सङ्गृहीतवती sent. svasya sarvANi vastrANi yAnapeTikAyAM sA saGgRhItavatI She collected all her cloths in a suitcase
समुपचित adj. samupacita collected
अभ्युद्धृत adj. abhyuddhRta collected
परिसञ्चित adj. parisaJcita collected
समूढ adj. samUDha collected
संस्थित adj. saMsthita collected
उपहृत adj. upahRta collected
समुपात्त adj. samupAtta collected
पिण्डीकृत adj. piNDIkRta collected
समाहित adj. samAhita collected
प्रचित adj. pracita collected
पिण्डित adj. piNDita collected
उच्चित adj. uccita collected
समुदित adj. samudita collected
पुञ्जीकृत adj. puJjIkRta collected
समायुत adj. samAyuta collected
सङ्घट्टित adj. saGghaTTita collected
आचित adj. Acita collected
सम्मिलित adj. sammilita collected
सङ्गृहीत adj. saGgRhIta collected
पूगकृत adj. pUgakRta collected
संसृष्ट adj. saMsRSTa collected
उपसंहत adj. upasaMhata collected
सम्भृत ppp. sambhRta collected
उपचित ppp. upacita collected
चित ppp. cita collected
मीलति verb mIlati { mIl } be collected
असंस्थित adj. asaMsthita not collected
चित्वा gerund citvA having collected
सङ्गृह्य gerund saGgRhya having collected
रिक्थजात n. rikthajAta collected estate
धृतदक्ष adj. dhRtadakSa of collected mind
आयोजित adj. Ayojita collected together
समुच्चित adj. samuccita collected together
समूहिक adj. samUhika collected in masses
सामूहिक adj. sAmUhika collected in masses
समसनाद् adj. samasanAd eating collected food
एकौघभूत adj. ekaughabhUta collected into one mass
करप्रचेय adj. karapraceya to be collected by taxes
परिचेतव्य adj. paricetavya to be collected together
प्रचीयते verb pass. pracIyate { praci } be gathered or collected
पुञ्जीकर्तव्य adj. puJjIkartavya to be heaped or collected
चयनीय adj. cayanIya to be heaped or collected
भावसमाहित adj. bhAvasamAhita fixed or collected in mind
अवपुञ्जित adj. avapuJjita collected into small heaps
प्रचेय adj. praceya to be collected or gathered
सञ्चयनीय adj. saJcayanIya to be gathered or collected
एकराशिगत adj. ekarAzigata heaped or collected together
उपचेय adj. upaceya to be collected or heaped up
समाहूत adj. samAhUta called or collected together
एकराशिभूत adj. ekarAzibhUta heaped or collected together
समाकृत adj. samAkRta brought or collected together
परिचयनीय adj. paricayanIya to be collected or accumulated
समसन n. samasana anything gathered or collected
सम्भृतौषध adj. sambhRtauSadha one who has collected many drugs
स्त्यायति verb styAyati { styai } be collected into a heap or mass
संहर्तव्य adj. saMhartavya to be drawn together or collected
कर्मचित् adj. karmacit collected or accomplished by work
आयस्थान n. AyasthAna place where revenues are collected
आयद्वार n. AyadvAra place where revenues are collected
समाहाहार्य adj. samAhAhArya to be collected or united or combined
सार्थमण्डल n. sArthamaNDala circle or collected body of a caravan
सुसम्भृत adj. susambhRta well collected or arranged or prepared
सम्भृत्य adj. sambhRtya to be collected or arranged or prepared
सन्दृब्ध adj. sandRbdha bound or collected into a tuft or bunch
कङ्कचित् adj. kaGkacit collected into a heap resembling a heron
सङ्गववेला f. saGgavavelA time when cows are collected for milking
सङ्गवकाल m. saGgavakAla time when cows are collected for milking
सञ्चेय adj. saJceya to be gathered or collected or accumulated
संहार्य adj. saMhArya to be brought or drawn together or collected
परिचेय adj. pariceya to be collected all round or from every side
कापोत m. kApota vAnaprastha who has collected food for a year
पिपीलिक n. pipIlika kind of gold supposed to be collected by ants
मुहूकर adj. muhUkara gathered or collected after the manner of bees
समाहितमनोबुद्धि adj. samAhitamanobuddhi having the mind or thoughts collected or composed
कुम्भ m. kumbha urn in which the bones of a dead person are collected
पुञ्जीभू adj. puJjIbhU to be heaped or gathered or pressed or collected together
भौमिक adj. bhaumika collected on the ground or any particular piece of ground
सम्भरणीय adj. sambharaNIya to be brought together or collected or combined or united
सप्तमृत्तिका f. saptamRttikA 7 earths collected from 7 places and used in certain solemn rites
समाहित adj. samAhita one who has collected his thoughts or is fixed in abstract meditation
भाजन n. bhAjana place or person in which anything is collected or in whom any quality is conspicuous
सङ्गव m. saGgava time when grazing cows are collected for milking or when they are together with their calves
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