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समूह्य- उत्तरदायिन् adj. samUhya- uttaradAyin collectively responsible
त्रयी f. trayI three Vedas taken collectively
सङ्घशः adverb saGghazaH collectively
सम्भूय adverb sambhUya collectively
सर्वशस् adverb sarvazas collectively
एकीभूय adverb ekIbhUya collectively
एकीभूय adverb ekIbhUya collectively
साकल्येन adverb sAkalyena collectively
सङ्घशस् ind. saGghazas collectively
अपृथक् ind. apRthak collectively
सामगण m. sAmagaNa collectively
वैश्वानर n. vaizvAnara men collectively
देवतात् f. devatAt gods collectively
देवताति f. devatAti gods collectively
देवविशा f. devavizA gods collectively
धर्मोपदेश m. dharmopadeza laws collectively
औषध n. auSadha herbs collectively
वैश्वावसव n. vaizvAvasava vasus collectively
पितृसामान्य n. pitRsAmAnya pitRs collectively
करणग्राम m. karaNagrAma senses collectively
त्रिखट्व n.f. trikhaTva 3 beds collectively
त्रिखट्व n.f. trikhaTva 3 beds collectively
पाञ्चालिका f. pAJcAlikA 64 arts collectively
ऋतुगण m. RtugaNa seasons collectively
तिर्यक्स्रोतस् n. tiryaksrotas animals collectively
बालभाव m. bAlabhAva children collectively
द्व्यन्य n. dvyanya 2 others collectively
नक्षत्रमाला f. nakSatramAlA nakSatras collectively
नक्षत्रचक्र n. nakSatracakra nakSatras collectively
सर्वात्मभूति f. sarvAtmabhUti all beings collectively
पञ्चतत्त्व n. paJcatattva 5 elements collectively
अष्टधातु m. aSTadhAtu eight metals collectively
षट्क n. SaTka six passions collectively
हविष्पङ्क्ति f. haviSpaGkti five oblation collectively
आयु m. Ayu living beings collectively [mankind]
सार्ववेद्य n. sArvavedya all the Vedas collectively
ज्योतिर्गण m. jyotirgaNa heavenly bodies collectively
इन्द्रियवर्ग m. indriyavarga organs of sense collectively
उपसम्पराणयति verb upasamparANayati { upasaMparANI } lead away collectively towards
श्रौत n. zrauta three sacred fires collectively
ऐष्टक n. aiSTaka sacrificial bricks collectively
नागलोक m. nAgaloka race of these beings collectively
फलत्रय n. phalatraya three sorts of fruit collectively
दैवजन adj. daivajana belonging to the gods collectively
भूतसृष्टि f. bhUtasRSTi whole class of bhUtas collectively
समुच्चेतव्य adj. samuccetavya to be taken together or collectively
स्थितासन n. sthitAsana 5 standing yoga postures collectively
नवश्राद्ध n. navazrAddha first series of zrAddhas collectively
इन्द्रियग्राम m. indriyagrAma senses or organs of sense collectively
सहोदित adj. sahodita declared comprehensively or collectively
विश्व m. vizva all the gods collectively or the All-gods
समष्ट्यभिप्राय m. samaSTyabhiprAya regarding a group of objects collectively
ग्रहगण m. grahagaNa whole number of planets taken collectively
वैश्वानर adj. vaizvAnara relating or belonging to the gods collectively
दिनबल m. dinabala 11th and 12th signs of the zodiac collectively
अष्टदिश् f. aSTadiz zas the eight cardinal points of the compass collectively
गणिपिटक n. gaNipiTaka twelve sacred writings or aGgas of the jainas collectively
सर्वाङ्गीण adj. sarvAGgINa relating or belonging to the aGgas or vedAGgas collectively
वर्गाष्टक n. vargASTaka eight groups of consonants i.e. the consonants collectively
पञ्चपात्र n. paJcapAtra 5 cups or vessels collectively or a zrAddha in which offerings are made in 5 vessels
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