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स्वधया indecl. svadhayA comfortably
यथाकामम् ind. yathAkAmam comfortably
यथाक्षेमेण ind. yathAkSemeNa comfortably
यथासुखम् ind. yathAsukham comfortably
सुखतस् ind. sukhatas comfortably
सुखम् ind. sukham comfortably
सुखासीन adj. sukhAsIna comfortably seated
सुखोपविष्ट adj. sukhopaviSTa comfortably seated
सुखसुप्त adj. sukhasupta comfortably asleep
सुखोषित adj. sukhoSita comfortably lodged
सुसमासीन adj. susamAsIna comfortably seated
सूपविष्ट adj. sUpaviSTa comfortably seated
स्वासीन adj. svAsIna comfortably seated
सुखनिविष्ट adj. sukhaniviSTa comfortably seated
सुखशयित adj. sukhazayita lying or sleeping comfortably upon
स्योनशी adj. syonazI resting on a soft couch or comfortably
सुखवास adj. sukhavAsa one who has lived comfortably at a place
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