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उपक्रम m. upakrama commencement
आरम्भ m. Arambha commencement
अभ्यारम्भ m. abhyArambha commencement
प्रस्ताव m. prastAva commencement
प्रारम्भ m. prArambha commencement
अभ्यादान n. abhyAdAna commencement
प्रस्तावना f. prastAvanA commencement
प्रवृत्ति f. pravRtti commencement
प्रतिपद् f. pratipad commencement
आरब्धि f. Arabdhi commencement
प्रारभ्कारब्धि f. prArabhkArabdhi commencement
प्रारब्धि f. prArabdhi commencement
प्रभृति f. prabhRti commencement
समारम्भ m. samArambha commencement
आदि m. Adi commencement
प्रक्रम m. prakrama commencement
प्रयोग m. prayoga commencement
समुपक्रम m. samupakrama commencement
उपोद्घात m. upodghAta commencement
उद्घात m. udghAta commencement
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha commencement
आरम्भ m. Arambha commencement
मूर्धन् m. mUrdhan commencement
आरम्भण n. ArambhaNa commencement
आमुख n. Amukha commencement
प्रक्रान्तत्व n. prakrAntatva commencement
आमुभ्य n. Amubhya commencement
सङ्क्रमण n. saGkramaNa commencement
मुख n. mukha commencement
उपाकर्मन् n. upAkarman commencement
प्रतिपादन n. pratipAdana commencement
मूल n. mUla commencement
प्रमुख n. pramukha commencement
प्रयाण n. prayANa commencement
वक्त्र n. vaktra commencement
प्रायण n. prAyaNa commencement
अनारम्भ m. anArambha non-commencement
अनारम्भ m. anArambha non-commencement
निरुपक्रम adj. nirupakrama having no commencement
अनारम्भ adj. anArambha having no commencement
युगादि m. yugAdi commencement of a yuga
पुनर्वसु m. punarvasu commencement of wealth
शरन्मुख n. zaranmukha commencement of autumn
कर्मारम्भ m. karmArambha commencement of any act
अहर्मुख n. aharmukha commencement of the day
प्रातिपद adj. prAtipada forming the commencement
आरम्भणीय adj. ArambhaNIya forming the commencement
अग्रहायण m. agrahAyaNa commencement of the year
वचनोपक्रम m. vacanopakrama commencement of a speech
विध्यादि m. vidhyAdi commencement of an action
प्रग्रहण m. pragrahaNa commencement of an eclipse
संसरण n. saMsaraNa commencement of war or battle
संशरण n. saMzaraNa commencement of a combat charge
उपाग्रहण n. upAgrahaNa commencement of reading the veda
उपाकरण n. upAkaraNa commencement of reading the veda
समुपक्रम m. samupakrama commencement of medical treatment
पूर्वरङ्ग m. pUrvaraGga commencement or prelude of a drama
प्राध्ययन n. prAdhyayana commencement of recitation or study
सर्वादि adj. sarvAdi having any kind of commencement whatever
अतिरात्र m. atirAtra commencement and conclusion of certain sacrificial acts
गण्डिका f. gaNDikA anything advanced beyond the first stage or commencement
षोडशर्तुनिशा f. SoDazartunizA any night out of 16 from the commencement of menstruation
यज्ञमुख n. yajJamukha mouth i.e. commencement of or introduction to a sacrifice
लग्नशुद्धि f. lagnazuddhi auspiciousness of the signs for the commencement of any contemplated work
जयन्त n. jayanta barley planted at the commencement of the dazaharA and gathered at its close
आरम्भ m. Arambha commencement of the action which awakens an interest in the progress of the principal plot
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