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आदिक adj. Adika commencing
प्राथमिक adj. prAthamika commencing
आरम्भक adj. Arambhaka commencing
आरम्भक adj. Arambhaka commencing
उद्घाटिन् adj. udghATin commencing
आरब्ध adj. Arabdha commencing
उद्यत adj. udyata commencing
अभ्युदय m. abhyudaya commencing
उपाकरण n. upAkaraNa commencing
प्रारम्भण n. prArambhaNa commencing
अनारभ्य ind. anArabhya without commencing
आरभमाण adj. ArabhamANa commencing resolutely
वनप्रवेश m. vanapraveza commencing to live as a hermit
प्राथमकल्पिक m. prAthamakalpika yogI just commencing his course
आरम्भता f. ArambhatA condition of beginning or commencing
अनुनासिकादि m. anunAsikAdi compound letter commencing with a nasal
प्रथमकल्पिक m. prathamakalpika term applied to a yogI just commencing his course
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