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स्तुतिवाद m. stutivAda commendation
प्रशंसन n. prazaMsana commendation
प्रतिपूजयति verb pratipUjayati { pratipUj } commend
शास्ति verb zAsti { zAs } commend
प्रवक्ति verb pravakti { pravac } commend
श्लाघते verb zlAghate { zlAgh } commend
विकत्थते verb vikatthate { vikatth } commend
प्रार्चति verb prArcati { prArc } commend
प्रतिनौति verb pratinauti { pratinu } commend
शंसति verb zaMsati { zaMs } commend
विकत्थते verb 1 vikatthate { vi- katth } commend [also ironically]
नौति verb caus. nauti { nu } commend
नुवति verb caus. nuvati { nu } commend
सम्पूजयति verb caus. sampUjayati { sampUj } commend
प्रशंसित adj. prazaMsita commended
प्रशस्त adj. prazasta commended
नुत adj. nuta commended
शस्त adj. zasta commended
प्ररोचित adj. prarocita commended
श्लाघित adj. zlAghita commended
प्रशंसक adj. prazaMsaka commending
प्रशंसिन् adj. prazaMsin commending
प्रशंसन n. prazaMsana commending
प्रशस्य adj. prazasya commendable
आपृच्छ्य adj. ApRcchya commendable
श्लाघनीय adj. zlAghanIya commendable
श्लाघ्य adj. zlAghya commendable
वर्णना f. varNanA commendation
ईडा f. IDA commendation
संशंसा f. saMzaMsA commendation
स्तुति f. stuti commendation
प्रशंसा f. prazaMsA commendation
श्लाघा f. zlAghA commendation
संस्तव m. saMstava commendation
वर्ण m. varNa commendation
संवर्णन n. saMvarNana commendation
विलोभन n. vilobhana commendation
मत n. mata commendation
संवर्णयति verb saMvarNayati { saMvarN } praise commend
अनुपदेष्टव्य adj. anupadeSTavya not to be commended
व्याजस्तुति f. vyAjastuti ironical commendation
पण्य adj. paNya to be praised or commended
प्रशस्य ind. prazasya having praised or commended
कूर्च m. kUrca unmerited commendation either of one's self or another person
कृतस्वस्त्ययन adj. kRtasvastyayana blessed or commended to the protection of gods previous to any journey or undertaking
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