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पत्त्रा रूढ adj. pattrA rUDha committed to paper
प्रणिहित adj. praNihita committed
निसृष्ट adj. nisRSTa committed
समायुक्त adj. samAyukta committed
संनिसृष्ट adj. saMnisRSTa committed
निबद्ध adj. nibaddha committed
समाचरित adj. samAcarita committed
न्यस्त adj. nyasta committed
संनिवेशित adj. saMnivezita committed
समाचीर्ण adj. samAcIrNa committed
रोपित adj. ropita committed
अकृत adj. akRta not committed
पत्त्रारूढ adj. pattrArUDha committed to paper
आम्नात adj. AmnAta committed to memory
मानसिक adj. mAnasika committed in thought
लेख्यारुढ adj. lekhyAruDha committed to writing
निक्षेपित adj. nikSepita committed to writing
मनुष्यकृत adj. manuSyakRta committed against men
द्रुतचौर्य n. drutacaurya theft rapidly committed
समासक्त adj. samAsakta committed or entrusted to
सक्त adj. sakta committed or entrusted to
अकृत n. akRta act never before committed
मनस्पाप n. manaspApa sin committed only in mind
पितृकृत adj. pitRkRta committed against the pitRs
नियोज्य adj. niyojya to be committed or entrusted
विहितागस् adj. vihitAgas one who has committed a fault
हस्तदोष m. hastadoSa mistake committed by the hand
कृतागस् adj. kRtAgas one who has committed an offence
महादेवकृत्या f. mahAdevakRtyA wrong act committed against ziva
अपकृत adj. apakRta offensively or wickedly committed
पितृकिल्बिष n. pitRkilbiSa offence committed against the pitRs
भयचौर्य n. bhayacaurya theft committed with fear or danger
आत्मकृत adj. AtmakRta done or committed against one's self
निरन्वय adj. niranvaya not committed in the presence of others
औपपातिक adj. aupapAtika one who has committed a secondary crime
कृतापराध adj. kRtAparAdha one who has committed an offence against
अन्नदोष m. annadoSa fault committed by eating prohibited food
मातृगामिन् adj. mAtRgAmin one who has committed incest with his mother
अविख्यातदोष adj. avikhyAtadoSa one who has not manifestly committed a crime
राजकिल्बिषिन् adj. rAjakilbiSin one who being a king has committed a transgression
उपपातकिन् adj. upapAtakin one who has committed an upapAtaka or minor offence
विप्रवास m. vipravAsa offence committed by a monk in giving away his garment
पूर्वदुष्कृतभोग m. pUrvaduSkRtabhoga pain or penalty consequent on sins committed in a former birth
स्वयङ्कृत adj. svayaGkRta made or performed or effected or committed or composed by one's self
लैशिक n. laizika offence of a monk who taking advantage of an apparent transgression committed by a fellow monk wrongfully accuses him of it
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