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लङ् laG past action not done today, and others. Presently, the most commonly used form of the past tense. [gramm. - Sanskrit]
प्रायस् ind. prAyas commonly
साधारणम् ind. sAdhAraNam commonly
साधारण्या ind. sAdhAraNyA commonly
प्रायभव adj. prAyabhava being commonly the case
लोकप्रवाद m. lokapravAda commonly used expression
महाराष्ट्र m. mahArASTra commonly called Mahrattas
पूगफल n. pUgaphala commonly called betel-nut
कुमारी f. kumArI bird commonly called zyAmA
गोदा f. godA river commonly called godAvarI
संव्यवहारवत् m. saMvyavahAravat usual or commonly current term
कुरण्ड m. kuraNDa plant commonly called sAkuruNDa
प्रायोभाविन् adj. prAyobhAvin being commonly found or met with
फल्गूत्सव m. phalgUtsava vernal festival commonly called holI
धनहरी f. dhanaharI kind of perfume commonly called Chora
लोकव्यवहार m. lokavyavahAra usual or commonly current designation
कुमारी f. kumArI plant commonly called bandhyAkarkoTakI
नातिरूढ adj. nAtirUDha not quite conventional or commonly understood
धर्माक्षेप m. dharmAkSepa objection to the commonly accepted property or nature of anything
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