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उपमित adj. upamita compared
तुलित adj. tulita compared
उत्प्रेक्षित adj. utprekSita compared
अश्वतर f. azvatara better mare [compared to another]
अश्वतर m. azvatara better horse [compared to another]
उपमेय adj. upameya to be compared
मदपेक्षया indecl. madapekSayA compared to me
बिम्ब m. bimba object compared
उपमेय n. upameya that which is compared
नृपदीप m. nRpadIpa king compared to a lamp
मनोभवद्रुम m. manobhavadruma love compared to a tree
मनोरथ m. manoratha heart compared to a car
योनिनिरय m. yoniniraya womb compared to a hell
वित्तदुग्ध n. vittadugdha wealth compared to milk
वेदचक्षुस् n. vedacakSus veda compared to an eye
महीमयी f. mahImayI earth compared to a ship
शिवभास्कर m. zivabhAskara ziva compared to the sun
संसारतरु m. saMsArataru world compared to a tree
सरिद्वधू f. saridvadhU woman compared to a river
पुरुषपशु m. puruSapazu soul compared with animal
वसन्तराज m. vasantarAja spring compared to a king
संसारचक्र n. saMsAracakra world compared to a wheel
शिवभुजङ्ग zivabhujaGga ziva compared to a serpent
रतिवल्ली f. rativallI love compared to a creeper
शरद्वधू f. zaradvadhU autumn compared to a women
विश्वबुद्बुद m. vizvabudbuda world compared to a bubble
सत्यपाश m. satyapAza truth compared to a fetter
संसारकानन n. saMsArakAnana world compared to a forest
भावपुष्प n. bhAvapuSpa heart compared to a flower
संसारकारागृह n. saMsArakArAgRha world compared to a prison
रक्षोदेवता f. rakSodevatA rAkSasas compared to deities
शोकपङ्क m. zokapaGka sorrow compared to a quagmire
संसारकुप m. saMsArakupa world compared to a well or pit
केनार m. kenAra hell compared to a potter's kiln
कण्ठनाल n. kaNThanAla throat compared to a lotus-stalk
हृत्पङ्कज n. hRtpaGkaja heart compared to a lotus-flower
इन्द्रियाश्व m. indriyAzva sense compared to (restive) horses
नन्दपर्वत m. nandaparvata king nanda compared with a mountain
मनोरथकुसुम n. manorathakusuma wish or desire compared to a flower
नृमेघ m. nRmegha man compared to a cloud yielding rain
उपमान n. upamAna object with which anything is compared
विपाकविस्फूर्जथु m. vipAkavisphUrjathu consequences compared to a thunder stroke
रागग्रहवत् adj. rAgagrahavat containing passions compared to crocodiles
सम n. sama sameness of objects compared to one another
दन्तकश m. dantakaza tusk of an elephant compared to a flower-cup
विद्यातीर्थ n. vidyAtIrtha knowledge compared to a sacred bathing-place
आक्षेपरूपक n. AkSeparUpaka in which the object compared is only hinted at
प्रबोधचन्द्र m. prabodhacandra knowledge personified and compared with the moon
वृत्तिचक्र n. vRtticakra conduct or mode of treatment compared to a wheel
सेनाकक्ष m. senAkakSa flank of an army and an army compared to dry wood
उपमेयोपमा f. upameyopamA resemblance of any object to that compared with it
अवयविरूपक n. avayavirUpaka simile by which two things are only compared as wholes
बिम्बप्रतिबिम्ब bimbapratibimba object of comparison and that with which it is compared
शकट n. zakaTa five stars forming the asterism rohiNI compared to a cart
कुम्भला f. kumbhalA plant the flowers of which are compared to those of Kadama tree [Nauclea Cadamba - Bot.]
अवयवरूपक n. avayavarUpaka simile by which two things are only compared with regard to their parts
उपमानोपमेयभाव m. upamAnopameyabhAva connection between the thing to be compared and the object with which it is compared
उपमानोपमेयभाव m. upamAnopameyabhAva connection between the thing to be compared and the object with which it is compared
नियमोपमा f. niyamopamA simile which expressly states that something can be compared only with something else
धर्मोपमा f. dharmopamA simile in which two things are compared with regard to a common characteristic peculiarity
परिणाम m. pariNAma figure of speech by which the properties of any object are transferred to that with which it is compared
विरुद्ध n. viruddha figure of speech in which an object compared to another object is said to lack its functions and to possess others not properly
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