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पर्याप्त adj. paryApta completed
निवृत्त adj. nivRtta completed
परिसमाप्तम् ppp. parisamAptam completed
पाठ्यभागः एव न समाप्तः sent. pAThyabhAgaH eva na samAptaH Portions have not been completed.
परोक्ष adj. parokSa completed
परिणीत adj. pariNIta completed
समाप्त adj. samApta completed
प्रपूरित adj. prapUrita completed
समित adj. samita completed
अपवृक्त adj. apavRkta completed
वृत्त adj. vRtta completed
निष्पन्न adj. niSpanna completed
अवसित adj. avasita completed
समाहित adj. samAhita completed
निर्व्यूढ adj. nirvyUDha completed
संस्कृत adj. saMskRta completed
विनिर्वृत्त adj. vinirvRtta completed
पूरित adj. pUrita completed
सम्पूर्ण adj. sampUrNa completed
समावृत्त adj. samAvRtta completed
पूर्त adj. pUrta completed
संस्थित adj. saMsthita completed
परिसमाप्यते verb pass. parisamApyate { parisamAp } be fully completed
सम्पिपिपादयिषित adj. sampipipAdayiSita wished to be completed
रध्यति verb 4 radhyati { radh } be completed or matured
उत्तीर्ण adj. uttIrNa having completed studies
परोक्षा f. parokSA past or completed action
समाप्तभूयिष्ठ adj. samAptabhUyiSTha nearly completed or ended
पश्चादपवर्ग adj. pazcAdapavarga closed or completed behind
यातयाम adj. yAtayAma having completed its course
संस्थाप्य adj. saMsthApya to be completed or finished
यातयामन् adj. yAtayAman having completed its course
सादते verb sAdate { sAdh } be completed or accomplished
सादति verb sAdati { sAdh } be completed or accomplished
संस्तिष्ठते verb saMstiSThate { saMsthA } be accomplished or completed
साध्यति verb 4 sAdhyati { sAdh } be completed or accomplished
साध्नोति verb 5 sAdhnoti { sAdh } be completed or accomplished
कृताकृत adj. kRtAkRta done in part but not completed
असाध्य adj. asAdhya not to be effected or completed
समस्यार्था f. samasyArthA part of a stanza to be completed
सप्तिक adj. saptika one who has finished or completed
उत्तीर्ण adj. uttIrNa one who has completed his studies
समाप्तशिक्ष adj. samAptazikSa one who has completed his studies
वर्षकृत्य adj. varSakRtya to be done or completed in a year
समावृत्तव्रत adj. samAvRttavrata one who has completed a religious vow
स्नानोत्तीर्ण adj. snAnottIrNa one who has just completed his ablutions
प्रपूर्यते verb Pass. prapUryate { prapRR } be completed or fulfilled or accomplished
कृतापदान adj. kRtApadAna one who has completed a great or noble work
समाप्य adj. samApya to be accomplished or concluded or completed
पारणीय adj. pAraNIya capable of being completed or brought to an end
विशुद्ध adj. vizuddha one who has gone through or thoroughly completed
विसंस्थितसञ्चर m. visaMsthitasaJcara place taken as long as the savana is not completed
समस्या f. samasyA part of a stanza given to another person to be completed
विद्यास्नात adj. vidyAsnAta one who has finished his studentship and completed his study of the Vedas
विद्यास्नातक adj. vidyAsnAtaka one who has finished his studentship and completed his study of the Vedas
रात्रिक adj. rAtrika lasting or sufficient for or completed in a certain number of nights or days
असमावर्तक m. asamAvartaka religious student who has not yet completed the period of his residence with his teacher and who therefore has not yet returned
लट् laT present tense - action taking place at the present time, recently completed or in the immediate future; habitual or repeated action [gramm. - Sanskrit]
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