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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
धातु m. dhAtu component
एकान्त m. ekAnta component
अवयव m. avayava component [computer]
घटक m. ghaTaka component [computer]
अङ्ग n. aGga component
धातु m. dhAtu component part
अङ्ग n. aGga component part
घटकवस्तुप्रतिरूप n. ghaTakavastupratirUpa Component Object Model (COM) [computer]
verb { kut } spread [manifests only as a component]
सेनाङ्ग n. senAGga component part of an army
सकल adj. sakala possessing all its component parts
अवयवार्थ m. avayavArtha meaning of the component parts of a word
अवग्रह m. avagraha separation of the component parts of a compound
दुराग्रह m. durAgraha separation of the component parts of a compound
अयुग्धातु adj. ayugdhAtu having an odd number of elements or component parts
सावग्रह adj. sAvagraha being separated into its component parts or analyzed
पादवृत्त m. pAdavRtta component elements of a verse i.e. the long and short syllable
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