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संयोग m. saMyoga compound [Pharm.]
सम्मिश्र m. sammizra compound
समास m. samAsa compound
प्राङ्गण n. prAGgaNa compound
व्युत्पादन n. vyutpAdana derivation [Chem., preparation of an organic substance from another compound]
रसायनिक संयोग m. rasAyanika saMyoga chemical compound
मिश्रितदत्तांशप्रकार m. mizritadattAMzaprakAra compound data type [computer]
सङ्कीर्णदत्तांशप्रकार m. saGkIrNadattAMzaprakAra compound data type [computer]
संहत adj. saMhata compound
समस्त adj. samasta compound
समाहार m. samAhAra compound
अनित्यसमास m. anityasamAsa compound
समस्यति verb samasyati { samas } compound
समस्त adj. samasta compounded [grammar]
समासवत् adj. samAsavat compounded
सन्धान n. sandhAna compounding
कण्ठतालव्य adj. kaNThatAlavya { kaNTha, tAlavya } palato-velar [linguistic, compound]
समास m. samAsa compound word
सामासिक n. sAmAsika compound word
समस्यते verb pass. samasyate { samas } be compounded
सन्ध्यक्षर n. sandhyakSara compound vowel
समस्यते verb pass. samasyate { samas } form a compound
चमरी f. camarI compound pedicle
मञ्जी f. maJjI compound pedicle
वल्लरी f. vallarI compound pedicle
वल्लरि f. vallari compound pedicle
चसमास m. casamAsa dvaMdva compound
कृत्रिमधूपक m. kRtrimadhUpaka compound perfume
वल्लुर n. vallura compound pedicle
समाससञ्ज्ञ adj. samAsasaJjJa called a compound
चूर्णयोग m. cUrNayoga fragrant compound
अन्यायसमास m. anyAyasamAsa irregular compound
वृकधूप m. vRkadhUpa compounded perfume
नक्षत्रद्वन्द्व n. nakSatradvandva nakSatras compound
द्वन्द्व m. dvandva copulative compound [compound with connected pairs]
द्वन्द्व m. dvandva copulative compound [compound with connected pairs]
लक्ष्मीविलास m. lakSmIvilAsa particular compound
समासार्थ m. samAsArtha sense of a compound
समासवत् adj. samAsavat possessing compounds
समाहार m. samAhAra compounding of words
पर्वन् n. parvan member of a compound
अव्ययीभाव m. avyayIbhAva indeclinable compound
समासबाहुल adj. samAsabAhula abounding in compounds
समासोक्त adj. samAsokta contained in a compound
योगविद् m. yogavid compounder of medicines
अन्त m. anta last word of a compound
उत्तर n. uttara last part of a compound
चन्द्रप्रभा f. candraprabhA compound of various drugs
लघुचिन्तामणिरस m. laghucintAmaNirasa particular fluid compound
प्राक्पद n. prAkpada first member of a compound
भद्रोदय n. bhadrodaya particular medic. compound
उत्कलिकाप्राय adj. utkalikAprAya abounding in compound words
रुक्केश m. rukkeza particular medical compound
अनाविद्ध adj. anAviddha not containing long compounds
उपरि adverb upari may stand first in a compound
षट्तक्रतैल n. SaTtakrataila particular medicinal compound
उपपदसमास m. upapadasamAsa compound containing an upapada
बहुव्रीहि m. bahuvrIhi relative or adjective compound
सङ्घात m. saGghAta compound as a compact whole on
वासाखण्डकुष्माण्डक m. vAsAkhaNDakuSmANDaka particular mixture or compound
प्रधान n. pradhAna principal member of a compound
उत्तरपद n. uttarapada last member of a compound word
लघुपञ्चमूल n. laghupaJcamUla compound of five different roots
द्वन्द्व m. dvandva compound affection of two humours
समासाङ्ग n. samAsAGga member or part of a compound word
सुदर्शनचूर्ण n. sudarzanacUrNa medicinal compound used in fevers
अवसान n. avasAna last part of a compound or period
सम्पूर्व adj. sampUrva preceded by or compounded with sam
द्वैपद m. dvaipada combination or compound of 2 words
धूमल m. dhUmala colour compounded of black and red
समासाध्याहार m. samAsAdhyAhAra supplying an ellipsis in a compound
अस्थानस्थसमास adj. asthAnasthasamAsa having a compound in the wrong place
समासप्राय adj. samAsaprAya consisting chiefly of compound words
बहुव्रीहिवत् ind. bahuvrIhivat like a bahu-vrIhi or relative compound
मध्यमपदलोपिन् m. madhyamapadalopin compound which omits the middle number
अनुनासिकादि m. anunAsikAdi compound letter commencing with a nasal
तण्डक m.n. taNDaka composition abounding in compound words
तण्डक m.n. taNDaka composition abounding in compound words
सर्वगन्ध n. sarvagandha particular compound of various perfumes
समगन्धक m. samagandhaka perfume compounded of similar ingredients
अपञ्चीकृत n. apaJcIkRta not compounded of the five gross elements
पौर्वपदिक adj. paurvapadika relating to the first member of a compound
मांस् n. mAMs it appears only in the following compounds
मध्यमपदलोप m. madhyamapadalopa omission of the middle member of a compound
सर्वौषध n. sarvauSadha particular compound of strong smelling herbs
परनिपात m. paranipAta irregular posteriority of a word in a compound
अवग्रह m. avagraha separation of the component parts of a compound
परभाव m. parabhAva being subsequent or second member in a compound
कुलक n. kulaka kind of prose composition with few compound words
सामासिक adj. sAmAsika relating or belonging to a samAsa or compound word
द्वान्द्विक adj. dvAndvika proceeding from a compound affection of two humours
इङ्गन n. iGgana separation of one member of a compound from another
बिन्दुघृत n. bindughRta particular medic. compound taken in small quantities
शाचि m. zAci having the sense of strong in the following compounds
समस्य adj. samasya to be thrown or put together or compounded or combined
देवताद्वन्द्व n. devatAdvandva compound whose members are two or more names of deities
विग्रह m. vigraha resolution of a compound word into its constituent parts
कर्मधारयसमास m. karmadhArayasamAsa compound in which the words have a same case relationship
औत्तरपदिक adj. auttarapadika belonging to or occurring in the last member of a compound
कद् adverb kad at the beginning of a compound it may mark the uselessness
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