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ऐकाग्र्य adj. aikAgrya concentrated
समाहित adj. samAhita concentrated
एकभूत adj. ekabhUta concentrated
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra concentrated
युक्त adj. yukta concentrated
एकमनस् adj. ekamanas concentrated
सम्भृत adj. sambhRta concentrated
सत्राच् adj. satrAc concentrated
सङ्गृभित adj. saGgRbhita concentrated
संप्रयुक्त adj. ppp. saMprayukta concentrated
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita very concentrated
सम्भृततम adj. sambhRtatama fully concentrated
योक्तव्य adj. yoktavya to be concentrated
युक्तात्मन् adj. yuktAtman concentrated in mind
निष्प्रचार adj. niSpracAra fixed or concentrated
चित्तधारण n. cittadhAraNa concentrated attention
संराधक adj. saMrAdhaka thoroughly concentrated
नियत adj. niyata quite concentrated upon or devoted to
सम्भृतश्री adj. sambhRtazrI one in whom all beauty is concentrated
सम्भृतक्रतु adj. sambhRtakratu one in whom all knowledge is concentrated
सम्बद्धसैन्यौघ adj. sambaddhasainyaugha one who has the main body of troops concentrated
समाहितधी adj. samAhitadhI one who has concentrated his thoughts in devotion
प्रणिहित adj. praNihita one who has his thoughts concentrated on one point
योज्य adj. yojya one on whom the mind is to be fixed or concentrated
योग m. yoga combined or concentrated grammatical rule or aphorism
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