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प्रणयति verb 1 + acc. praNayati { pra- nI } be concerned with
पदं निबध्नाति verb 9 padaM nibadhnAti { ni- bandh } be concerned with
भागिन् adj. bhAgin concerned in
वर्तते verb 1 vartate { vRt } be concerned with
पर adj. para concerned or anxious for
कृत्यम् ind. kRtyam anybody is concerned about
व्यापृत adj. vyApRta employed or concerned in or with
अन्वय m. anvaya being linked to or concerned with
व्युपयुङ्क्ते verb vyupayuGkte { vyupayuj } be concerned about or intent upon
अर्थसम्बन्धिन् adj. arthasambandhin concerned or interested in an affair
अपारमार्थिक adj. apAramArthika not concerned about the highest truth
अदीक्षित adj. adIkSita one who is not concerned in that ceremony
संस्रष्टृ adj. saMsraSTR united or connected with or concerned in anything
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