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संमति f. saMmati concurrence [agreement]
सङ्गमन n. saGgamana concurrence [Math.]
सङ्गामित्व n. saGgAmitva concurrence [Math.]
सम्प्रतिपत्ति f. sampratipatti concurrence
सहकारिता f. sahakAritA concurrence
सहकारिभाव m. sahakAribhAva concurrence
समुद्योग m. samudyoga concurrence
संवाद m. saMvAda concurrence
सङ्क्रमण n. saGkramaNa concurrence
सम्मत n. sammata concurrence
सहकारित्व n. sahakAritva concurrence
परस्परानुमति f. parasparAnumati mutual concurrence or assent
मात्रास्पर्श m. mAtrAsparza concurrence of material elements
पर्युपासन n. paryupAsana joining in or concurrence with any act of reverence
सन्धिमत् adj. sandhimat containing a concurrence of two days or day periods or life periods
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