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सम्प्रहार m. samprahAra conflict [Mil.]
रण n. raNa conflict
विधि-विरोध m. vidhi-virodha conflict of laws [Law]
समृति f. samRti conflict
समित् f. samit conflict
नेमधिति f. nemadhiti conflict
समिथ m. samitha conflict
सङ्गथ m. saGgatha conflict
समर m. samara conflict
समाह्वय m. samAhvaya conflict
वाज m. vAja conflict
समोह m. samoha conflict
सङ्घट्ट m. saGghaTTa conflict
सङ्ग m. saGga conflict
विमर्द m. vimarda conflict
सम्पराय m. samparAya conflict
सङ्ग्राम m. saGgrAma conflict
सङ्गर m. saGgara conflict
भूतात्मन् m. bhUtAtman conflict
विप्रतिषेध m. vipratiSedha conflict
विमर्द m. vimarda conflict
साम्पराय m. sAmparAya conflict
समाघात m. samAghAta conflict
अग्मन् n. agman conflict
सङ्ख्य n. saGkhya conflict
समन n. samana conflict
समरण n. samaraNa conflict
साधन n. sAdhana conflict
समीक n. samIka conflict
संयुग n. saMyuga conflict
समदन n. samadana conflict
असमद् f. asamad non-conflict
असमद् f. asamad non-conflict
विरोध m. virodha conflict with
अन्योन्यघात m. anyonyaghAta mutual conflict
प्रतिदारण n. pratidAraNa fierce conflict
व्याहत adj. vyAhata conflicting with
बाह्य adj. bAhya conflicting with
संयत्त adj. saMyatta come into conflict
संस्तिष्ठते verb saMstiSThate { saMsthA } come into conflict
समजति verb samajati { samaj } bring into conflict
मल्लभू f. mallabhU site of any conflict
आगमविरोध m. Agamavirodha conflict with tradition
युद्ध m. yuddha conflict of the planets
विद्याविरुद्ध adj. vidyAviruddha conflicting with science
सरण adj. saraNa connected with war or conflict
विधान n. vidhAna conflict of different feelings
समृत adj. samRta come into conflict or collision
समियर्ति verb samiyarti { samR } come into collision or conflict
सम्रिच्छति verb samricchati { samR } come into collision or conflict
समृणोति verb samRNoti { samR } come into collision or conflict
समृण्वति verb samRNvati { samR } come into collision or conflict
समर्पयते verb caus. samarpayate { samR } cause to come into conflict or collision
समर्पयति verb caus. samarpayati { samR } cause to come into conflict or collision
सुरासुरविमर्द m. surAsuravimarda conflict or war between the gods and asuras
सम्फेट m. sampheTa mutual conflict or encounter of angry persons
पूर्वविप्रतिषेध m. pUrvavipratiSedha conflict of two statements or rules the first of which is opposed to the second
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