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समनुरूपता f. samanurUpatA conformity
संरूपता f. saMrUpatA conformity
तद्वत्ता f. tadvattA conformity
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA conformity
अनुवृत्ति f. anuvRtti conformity
अनुरोध m. anurodha conformity
अनुसार m. anusAra conformity
सम्भव m. sambhava conformity
संवाद m. saMvAda conformity
अनुवृत्त n. anuvRtta conformity
आनुकूल्य n. AnukUlya conformity
आनुकूल्य n. AnukUlya conformity
आनुरूप्य n. AnurUpya conformity
अनुरूप n. anurUpa conformity
अनुसरण n. anusaraNa conformity to
सारूप्य n. sArUpya conformity with
यथाप्राप्त adj. yathAprApta in conformity with [rule]
यथाप्राप्तम् adverb yathAprAptam in conformity with [rule]
अयुक्ति f. ayukti want of conformity
यथानुरूपम् ind. yathAnurUpam in exact conformity
वृत्तानुसार m. vRttAnusAra conformity to metre
अनुसार m. anusAra conformity to usage
तद्विधत्व n. tadvidhatva conformity with that
याथार्थ्य n. yAthArthya conformity with truth
देशरूप n. dezarUpa conformity with place
वैदिकत्व n. vaidikatva conformity to the veda
अनुवेल्लित adj. anuvellita bent in conformity with
अनुष्ठान n. anuSThAna acting in conformity to
शास्त्रानुसार m. zAstrAnusAra conformity to the zAstra
धर्मानुसार m. dharmAnusAra conformity to law or virtue
यथाशीलम् ind. yathAzIlam in conformity with character
गुणानुरोध m. guNAnurodha conformity to good qualities
ऐकमत्य adj. aikamatya having conformity of opinions
अनृचम् ind. anRcam not in conformity with the Rc
अनुगा f. anugA follow ; to act in conformity to
यथाभाव m. yathAbhAva conformity to any destined state
यथाप्राप्तम् ind. yathAprAptam in conformity with a previous rule
ऐकमत्य n. aikamatya conformity or sameness of opinions
यथातथम् ind. yathAtatham in conformity with truth or reality
शब्दानुरूप n. zabdAnurUpa conformity to or imitation of sound
कर्मानुसार m. karmAnusAra consequence of or conformity to acts
यथाप्राप्त adj. yathAprApta in conformity with a particular state
यथाकल्पम् ind. yathAkalpam in conformity with ritual or ceremonial
सारूप्य n. sArUpya assimilation to or conformity with the deity
उपदिष्ट n. upadiSTa persuasive speech in conformity with the prescribed rules
मन्त्रवत् ind. mantravat in conformity with or accompanied by the recitation of sacred text
अनुवचन n. anuvacana recitation of certain texts in conformity with injunctions spoken by other priests
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