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सम्भावना f. sambhAvanA conjecture
बुद्धि f. buddhi conjecture
भाव m. bhAva conjecture
वितर्क m. vitarka conjecture
अभ्यूह m. abhyUha conjecture
तर्क m. tarka conjecture
प्रतर्क m. pratarka conjecture
अनुमान n. anumAna conjecture
वितर्कण n. vitarkaNa conjecture
सम्भावित n. sambhAvita conjecture
तर्कित n. tarkita conjecture
मन्यति verb manyati { man } conjecture
अनुमायते verb anumAyate { anumA } conjecture
वितर्कयति verb vitarkayati { vitark } conjecture
आशङ्कते verb AzaGkate { AzaGk } conjecture
ऊहते verb Uhate { Uh } conjecture
ऊहति verb Uhati { Uh } conjecture
ऊहति verb 1 Uhati { Uh } conjecture
तर्कयति verb 10 tarkayati { tark } conjecture
तर्कयति verb 10 tarkayati { tark } conjecture
मनुते verb 4 8 manute { man } conjecture
मन्यते verb 4 8 manyate { man } conjecture
विकल्पयति verb caus. vikalpayati { viklRp } conjecture
जिज्ञासते verb Desid. jijJAsate { jJA } conjecture
जिज्ञासते verb Desid. jijJAsate { jJA } conjecture
अनुमित adj. anumita conjectured
सम्भावित adj. sambhAvita conjectured
तर्कयुक्त adj. tarkayukta conjectured
विचार m. vicAra probable conjecture
अनुमेय adj. anumeya proved or conjectured
वितर्कपदवी f. vitarkapadavI path of conjecture or supposition
सम्प्रतर्कयति verb sampratarkayati { sampratark } form a clear conclusion or conjecture
वितर्कवत् adj. vitarkavat containing a conjecture or supposition
विज्ञातव्य adj. vijJAtavya to be inferred or conjectured with certainty
प्राप्ति f. prApti conjecture based on the observation of a particular thing
विभावना f. vibhAvanA description of effects the causes of which are left to be conjectured
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