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युति f. yuti conjunction [Astron. as against opposition of stars]
adverb sa conjunction
adverb sa conjunction
तुल्यता f. tulyatA conjunction
संहिता f. saMhitA conjunction
युक्ति f. yukti conjunction
सम्पर्क m. samparka conjunction
अनुषङ्ग m. anuSaGga conjunction
सम्प्रयोग m. samprayoga conjunction
योग m. yoga conjunction
समायोग m. samAyoga conjunction
संसर्ग m. saMsarga conjunction
संसङ्ग m. saMsaGga conjunction
समास m. samAsa conjunction
सम्पर्क m. samparka conjunction
समागम m. samAgama conjunction
संस्पर्श m. saMsparza conjunction
समवाय m. samavAya conjunction [of heavenly bodies]
सम्बन्ध m. sambandha conjunction
सङ्गम m. saGgama conjunction
संसर्ग m. saMsarga conjunction
संनिपात m. saMnipAta conjunction
समन्वय m. samanvaya conjunction
संयोग m. saMyoga conjunction
संश्रय m. saMzraya conjunction
साह्य n. sAhya conjunction
संयुग n. saMyuga conjunction
शीघ्र n. zIghra conjunction
शीघ्रोच्च n. zIghrocca conjunction
सङ्गत adj. saGgata in conjunction
परम्परासम्बन्ध m. paramparAsambandha indirect conjunction
युक्तयोग m. yuktayoga being in conjunction
संयुतयुति f. saMyutayuti conjunction of planets
ग्रहयुति f. grahayuti conjunction of planets
स्वातियोग m. svAtiyoga conjunction with svAti
ग्राहमेलक m. grAhamelaka conjunction of planets
नक्षत्रयोग m. nakSatrayoga conjunction of nakSatras
शैघ्र adj. zaighra relating to a conjunction
योगिन् adj. yogin being in conjunction with
समागत adj. samAgata being in conjunction with
युक्त adj. yukta being in conjunction with
संयुत adj. saMyuta being in conjunction with
सहित adj. sahita being in conjunction with
युज्यते verb pass. yujyate { yuj } come into conjunction with
सूर्येन्दुसङ्गम m. sUryendusaGgama conjunction of sun and moon
शीघ्रफल n. zIghraphala equation of the conjunction
युत adj. yuta standing in conjunction with
विप्रयुक्त adj. viprayukta not being in conjunction with
वियुत adj. viyuta not being in conjunction with
शीघ्रकेन्द्र n. zIghrakendra distance from the conjunction
संयोगपृथक्त्व n. saMyogapRthaktva separateness with conjunction
ओक m. oka conjunction of heavenly bodies
विमर्दक m. vimardaka conjunction of the sun and moon
समाज m. samAja particular conjunction of planets
सम्मोह m. sammoha particular conjunction of planets
संनिपात m. saMnipAta particular conjunction of planets
संवर्त m. saMvarta particular conjunction of planets
समुच्चय m. samuccaya conjunction of words or sentences
चरति verb 1 carati { car } be in any asterism or conjunction
सोमयोगिन् adj. somayogin being in conjunction with the moon
पर्वनादी f. parvanAdI moment of opposition or conjunction
अयोग m. ayoga inauspicious conjunction of planets
युनक्ति verb yunakti { yuj } come into union or conjunction with
युङ्क्ते verb yuGkte { yuj } come into union or conjunction with
मध्ययोगिन् adj. madhyayogin being in the middle of a conjunction
सिद्धियोग m. siddhiyoga auspicious conjunction of the planets
सूर्यनक्षत्रयोग m. sUryanakSatrayoga conjunction of the sun with a nakSatra
दिक्शूल n. dikzUla any inauspicious planetary conjunction
शीघ्रपरिधि m. zIghraparidhi epicycle of the conjunction of a planet
सांनिपातिक adj. sAMnipAtika coming into close contact or conjunction
सन्धिज adj. sandhija produced by conjunction or by transition
चन्द्रयोग m. candrayoga conjunction of the moon with any asterism
क्रमपद n. kramapada conjunction of words in the krama reading
गोल m. gola conjunction of all the planets in one sign
संयोग m. saMyoga conjunction of two or more heavenly bodies
गोलक m. golaka conjunction of all the planets in one sign
संसर्ग m. saMsarga particular conjunction of celestial bodies
अर्केन्दुसङ्गम m. arkendusaGgama instant of conjunction of the sun and moon
शीघ्रकर्मन् n. zIghrakarman calculation of the conjunction of a planet
व्यञ्जनसंनिपात m. vyaJjanasaMnipAta falling together or conjunction of consonants
चतुष्पादसमन्वय m. catuSpAdasamanvaya conjunction of the 4 parts of medical science
त्रिदिनस्पृश् m. tridinaspRz conjunction of 3 lunations with one solar day
समाहार m. samAhAra conjunction or connecting of words or sentences
रोहिणीयोग m. rohiNIyoga conjunction of the moon with the nakSatra rohiNI
शशिग्रहसमागम m. zazigrahasamAgama conjunction of the moon with asterisms or planets
भेद m. bheda particular crossing or conjunction of the planets
उल्लेख n. ullekha conjunction of stars in which a contact takes place
पूर्वभाग adj. pUrvabhAga whose conjunction with the moon begins in the forenoon
पश्चाद्भाग adj. pazcAdbhAga whose conjunction with the moon begins in the afternoon
कुयोग m. kuyoga inauspicious conjunction of planets or signs or periods
परक्रम m. parakrama doubling the other letter of a conjunction of consonants
विमर्दार्ध n. vimardArdha time from the apparent conjunction to the end of an eclipse
सन्धि adj. sandhi containing a conjunction or transition from one to the other
तिष्यापूर्णमास m. tiSyApUrNamAsa day of conjunction of the asterism Terminalia with full moon
क्रान्त n. krAnta certain aspect when the moon is in conjunction with a planet
योजयति verb caus. yojayati { yuj } ascertain or know the conjunction of the moon with an asterism
महापौर्णमासी f. mahApaurNamAsI night in which Jupiter enters into conjunction with the full moon
पर्वन् n. parvan day of the moon's passing the node at its opposition or conjunction
पर्वकाल m. parvakAla time at which the moon at its conjunction or opposition passes through the node
आयुर्योग m. Ayuryoga conjunction of planets enabling an astrologer to predict the course of a man's life
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