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योजि-शलाका f. yoji-zalAkA connecting rod [Mach.]
योजि-दण्ड m. yoji-daNDa connecting rod [Mach.]
संश्लेषण adj. saMzleSaNa connecting
सन्धान-कर्तृ adj. sandhAna-kartR connecting
सन्धानकर्तृ adj. sandhAnakartR connecting
संयोजक adj. saMyojaka connecting
श्लेषक adj. zleSaka connecting
विन्यास m. vinyAsa connecting
सञ्जन n. saJjana connecting
श्रथन n. zrathana connecting
प्रसञ्जन n. prasaJjana connecting
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha connecting link
निबन्धन n. nibandhana connecting link
अप्सुयोग m. apsuyoga connecting power in water
ग्रन्थन n. granthana tying or connecting together
प्रग्रथन n. pragrathana connecting or stringing together
सन्धि m. sandhi connecting link of a perpendicular
सन्तर्दन n. santardana act of connecting or fastening together
समाहार m. samAhAra conjunction or connecting of words or sentences
अन्वाचय m. anvAcaya connecting of a secondary action with the main action
कुश m. kuza rope used for connecting the yoke of a plough with the pole
पदसङ्घाट m. padasaGghATa connecting those words together which in the saMhitA are separated by a kind of refrain
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