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प्रत्यक्षता f. pratyakSatA conspicuousness
प्रतिचक्ष्य adj. praticakSya conspicuous
दर्शत adj. darzata conspicuous
विचक्षण adj. vicakSaNa conspicuous
प्रगल्भित adj. pragalbhita conspicuous
चेतन adj. cetana conspicuous
प्रतिदृष्ट adj. pratidRSTa conspicuous
सुदर्श adj. sudarza conspicuous
चेतन adj. cetana conspicuous
दृश्य adj. dRzya conspicuous
सुप्रकेत adj. supraketa conspicuous
विचक्ष्य adj. vicakSya conspicuous
चित्र adj. citra conspicuous
विशद adj. vizada conspicuous
पश्यत adj. pazyata conspicuous
सम्प्रभाति verb samprabhAti { samprabhA } be conspicuous
चेतति verb 1 cetati { cit } be conspicuous
सुदर्शता adj. sudarzatA conspicuousness
चेतन n. cetana conspicuousness
अत्युल्वण adj. atyulvaNa very conspicuous
पुरुचेतन adj. purucetana very conspicuous
चेतिष्ठ adj. cetiSTha most conspicuous
अत्युल्बण adj. atyulbaNa very conspicuous
दृश्यस्थापित adj. dRzyasthApita placed conspicuously
दर्शतश्री adj. darzatazrI of conspicuous beauty
सम्भाति verb sambhAti { sambhA } be visible or conspicuous
सम्भाति verb 2 sambhAti { sam- bhA } be visible or conspicuous
परम adj. parama most prominent or conspicuous
समितिशोभन adj. samitizobhana conspicuous in fight or battle
प्रज्ञाताग्र adj. prajJAtAgra having the top-end conspicuous
रथस्पष्ट adj. rathaspaSTa knowable or conspicuous by cartways
विरोचते verb virocate { viruc } be bright or radiant or conspicuous or visible
भाजन n. bhAjana place or person in which anything is collected or in whom any quality is conspicuous
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