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आधृत adj. AdhRta contained
परिभावित adj. paribhAvita contained
प्रोत adj. prota contained in
अन्तर्भूत adj. antarbhUta contained in
अवस्थित adj. avasthita contained in
श्रित adj. zrita contained in
निबद्ध adj. nibaddha contained in
संस्थ adj. saMstha contained in
विष्ट adj. viSTa contained in
व्यवस्थित adj. vyavasthita contained in
प्रणिहित adj. praNihita contained in
पर्यवस्थित adj. paryavasthita contained in
गत ppp. gata contained in
संयत adj. saMyata self-contained
संयत adj. saMyata self-contained
आधेय adj. Adheya being contained
सम्माति verb sammAti { sammA } be contained in
सम्मिमीते verb sammimIte { sammA } be contained in
विवेष्टि verb viveSTi { viS } be contained in
विवेष्टि verb viveSTi { viS } be contained in
अन्तर्भवति verb antarbhavati { antarbhU } to be contained
परिसमाप्यते verb pass. parisamApyate { parisamAp } be contained in
सम्मीयते verb pass. sammIyate { sammA } be contained in
आध्रियते verp pass. Adhriyate { AdhR } to be contained
अनारूढ adj. anArUDha not contained in
सम्भव m. sambhava being contained in
एककपाल adj. ekakapAla contained in one cup
गर्भधारित adj. garbhadhArita contained in the womb
शारीरिक adj. zArIrika contained in the body
वेदसंस्थित adj. vedasaMsthita contained in the veda
गर्भधृत adj. garbhadhRta contained in the womb
औदञ्चन adj. audaJcana contained in a bucket
गर्भित adj. garbhita contained in anything
नियत adj. niyata contained or joined in
जठरीकृत adj. jaTharIkRta contained in the belly
सर्वसंश्लिष्ट adj. sarvasaMzliSTa contained in everything
प्रतिष्ठित adj. pratiSThita abiding or contained in
सर्वात्मक adj. sarvAtmaka contained in everything
समासोक्त adj. samAsokta contained in a compound
औत्पाद adj. autpAda contained in such a book
नान्तरीयक adj. nAntarIyaka contained or inherent in
उम्भित adj. umbhita included or contained in
कामण्डलव adj. kAmaNDalava contained in a water-pot
औपनिषद adj. aupaniSada contained in an Upanishad
सम्प्रलीन adj. sampralIna absorbed i.e. contained in
आर्थिक adj. Arthika being contained implicitly
निम्यक्षति verb nimyakSati { nimyakS } be contained or present in
समवरुध्यते verb pass. samavarudhyate { samavarudh } be enclosed or contained in
पुष्पभव adj. puSpabhava being or contained in flower
अरणिमत् adj. araNimat being contained in the araNis
अन्तर्भूत adj. antarbhUta being or contained in anything
स्तन्य adj. stanya contained in the female breast
वैशन्त adj. vaizanta contained in or forming a tank
अन्तर्गण m. antargaNa gaNa contained in another gaNa
औधस adj. audhasa being or contained in the udder
आम्यक्षति verb AmyakSati { AmyakS } to be contained or possessed by
उत्सूत्र adj. utsUtra anything not contained in a rule
कर्मस्थ adj. karmastha contained or being in the object
वाक्यस्थित adj. vAkyasthita being or contained in a sentence
हित adj. hita lying or situated or contained in
स्वायोग m. svAyoga not being contained in one's self
सम्भवते verb sambhavate { sambhU } be contained in or numbered among
सम्भवति verb sambhavati { sambhU } be contained in or numbered among
औपनिषद adj. aupaniSada contained or taught in an upaniSad
संनिविष्ट adj. saMniviSTa sticking or resting or contained in
तात्स्थ्य n. tAtsthya residing or being contained in that
ऊधन्य adj. Udhanya contained in or coming from the udder
समवेत adj. samaveta contained or comprised or inherent in
प्रवेश m. praveza entering into i.e. being contained in
निधीयते verb pass. nidhIyate { nidhA } be contained or situated or absorbed in
आभिधानिक adj. AbhidhAnika belonging to or contained in a dictionary
शतेपञ्चाशन्न्याय m. zatepaJcAzannyAya rule that fifty are contained in a hundred
वेदोक्त adj. vedokta taught or declared or contained in the veda
सूत्रान्त m. sUtrAnta Buddhist sUtra or the doctrines contained in it
अप्रतिहार adj. apratihAra without the syllables contained in the pratihAra
गुणिन् adj. guNin endowed with the good qualities of or contained in
राशिव्यवहार m. rAzivyavahAra method for finding the quantity contained in a heap
कृष्णगर्भा f. kRSNagarbhA waters contained in the black cavities of the clouds
भक्ति f. bhakti that which belongs to or is contained in anything else
कर्तृस्थ adj. kartRstha standing or being or contained in the agent of an action
औत्पात adj. autpAta treating of or contained in a book which treats of portents
कालचक्र n. kAlacakra philosophies and meditation practices contained within Kalachakra Tantra [Vajrayana Buddhism]
अन्तरप्रश्न m. antaraprazna question which is contained in and arises from what has been previously stated
बाहुफल n. bAhuphala sine of an arc of a circle of position contained between the sun and the prime vertical
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