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महाद्वीप n. mahAdvIpa continent [Geog.]
खण्ड m.n. khaNDa continent
द्वीप n. dvIpa continent
खण्डिनी f. khaNDinI having continents
यूरोपखण्ड n. yUropakhaNDa continent of Europe
कङ्क m. kaGka one of the eighteen divisions of the continent
हिरण्मय m.n. hiraNmaya one of the 9 varSas or divisions of the continent
इन्द्रद्वीप m. indradvIpa one of the nine dvIpas or divisions of the known continent
जम्बुद्वीप m. jambudvIpa central one of the 7 continents surrounding the mountain meru
शाल्मलि m.f. zAlmali one of the 7 dvIpas or great divisions of the known continent
कुमारी f. kumArI most southerly of the nine portions of the known continent or of jambUdvIpa
नलसेतु m. nalasetu causeway constructed by the monkey nala for rAma from the continent to laGkA
बैडालव्रति m. baiDAlavrati one who leads a chaste or continent life merely from the absence of women or temptation
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