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सन्तत adj. santata continued
सन्तत गुणनफल n. santata guNanaphala continued product [Math.]
सन्तत अनुपात m. santata anupAta continued proportion [Math.]
वृत्त adj. vRtta continued
असृष्ट adj. asRSTa continued
सक्त ppp. sakta continued
चिरकालिक adj. cirakAlika long-continued
चिरकालिक adj. cirakAlika long-continued
उद्यम m. udyama continued effort
गन्धन n. gandhana continued effort
निश्रम m. nizrama continued practice
स्थिति f. sthiti continued existence
स्थान n. sthAna continued existence
सन्तति f. santati continued meditation
अतिशंसना f. atizaMsanA continued recitation
धीसन्तति f. dhIsantati continued meditation
संतान m. saMtAna continued succession
आभीक्ष्ण n. AbhIkSNa continued repetition
अतिशंसन n. atizaMsana continued recitation
आभीक्ष्ण्य n. AbhIkSNya continued repetition
कपटप्रबन्ध m. kapaTaprabandha continued series of frauds
एकाहातान n. ekAhAtAna continued series of ekAhas
उद्यम m. udyama strenuous and continued effort
प्रयत्न m. prayatna continued exertion or endeavour
स्थिति f. sthiti continued existence in any place
आनुबन्धिक adj. Anubandhika of continued influence or efficacy
पूर्वभुक्ति f. pUrvabhukti prior or long-continued possession
पूर्वभुक्ति f. pUrvabhukti prior or long-continued possession
प्रतन्यते verb pass. pratanyate { pratan } be continued or extended or particularized
तद्गत m. tadgata continued multiplication of 4 or more like quantities
प्रतिसर्ग m. pratisarga secondary or continued creation out of primitive matter
स्थातव्य adj. sthAtavya to be stood or stayed or remained or continued in or abided by
अनुवृत्ति f. anuvRtti continued course or influence of a preceding rule on what follows
क्वाथ m. kvAtha any solution or infusion prepared with a continued or gentle heat
चम्पू f. campU kind of elaborate composition in which the same subject is continued through alternations in prose and verse
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