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सन्तत adj. santata continuously [indecl.]
सततम् adverb satatam continuously
उपर्युपरि indecl. uparyupari continuously
निरन्तरम् adverb nirantaram continuously
प्रततम् ind. pratatam continuously
सननम् indecl. sananam continuously
अविरततया indecl. aviratatayA continuously
उपरि adverb upari continuously over
सन्ततवर्षिन् adj. santatavarSin raining continuously
संविध्यति verb saMvidhyati { saMvyadh } shoot or pierce continuously
प्रसुत adj. prasuta pressed or pressing continuously
नियुत्वत् adj. niyutvat flowing continuously or abundantly
जाहस्यते verb Intens. jAhasyate { has } laugh continuously or immoderately
जाहस्ति verb Intens. jAhasti { has } laugh continuously or immoderately
कोलति verb 1 kolati { kul } proceed continuously or without interruption
सम्पठति verb sampaThati { sampaTh } read aloud or recite or repeat thoroughly or continuously
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