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सङ्क्षिप्त adj. saGkSipta contracted
सङ्कोचित adj. saGkocita contracted
सङ्कुचित adj. saGkucita contracted
सङ्गूढ adj. saGgUDha contracted
संवृत adj. saMvRta contracted
पुटित adj. puTita contracted
आरेचित adj. Arecita contracted
समासवत् adj. samAsavat contracted
सङ्गत adj. saGgata contracted
भ्रूकुटीकुटिल adj. bhrUkuTIkuTila contracted
कूणित adj. kUNita contracted
सङ्कट adj. saGkaTa contracted
अविकृषित adj. avikRSita contracted
विक्षिप्त adj. vikSipta contracted
सङ्कुचित adj. saGkucita contracted
सन्न adj. sanna contracted
समस्त adj. samasta contracted
सङ्कीर्ण adj. saGkIrNa contracted
साङ्क्षेपिक adj. sAGkSepika contracted
निकुञ्चित adj. nikuJcita contracted
अविकृष्ट adj. avikRSTa contracted
सङ्कृष्ट adj. saGkRSTa contracted
सम्पिडित adj. sampiDita contracted
कुचित adj. kucita contracted
सम्भिन्न adj. sambhinna contracted
संश्यान adj. saMzyAna contracted
मुद्रित adj. mudrita contracted
संलीन adj. saMlIna contracted
निरायत adj. nirAyata contracted
आकुञ्चित adj. AkuJcita contracted
व्याकुञ्चित adj. vyAkuJcita contracted
विकुञ्चित adj. vikuJcita contracted
कुञ्चित adj. kuJcita contracted
सङ्गृहीत adj. saGgRhIta contracted
निरुच्छ्वास adj. nirucchvAsa contracted
समाहृत adj. samAhRta contracted
सम्बाध adj. sambAdha contracted
बद्ध adj. baddha contracted
सञ्चुकोच verb saJcukoca { saMkuc } well contracted
सम्बाध m. sambAdha contracted space
सङ्कटायते verb saGkaTAyate { saMkaTAya } become contracted
आक्षिक adj. AkSika contracted at dice
अविकूणित adj. avikUNita not kept contracted
संहतपुच्छि ind. saMhatapucchi with contracted tail
योषित्कृत adj. yoSitkRta contracted by a female
सङ्कुच्यते verb pass. saGkucyate { saMkuc } be closed or contracted
विकुञ्चितभ्रूलतम् ind. vikuJcitabhrUlatam with contracted eyebrows
सुश्लिष्ट adj. suzliSTa well joined or contracted
विक्षिप्तभ्रू adj. vikSiptabhrU having contracted eyebrows
आरेचितभ्रू adj. ArecitabhrU having contracted eye-brows
प्रतिसंरुद्ध adj. pratisaMruddha contracted into itself shrunk
अभ्युपेत्याशुश्रूषा f. abhyupetyAzuzrUSA breach of a contracted service
सन्नकण्ठ adj. sannakaNTha one who has a contracted throat
कृतविवाह adj. kRtavivAha one who has contracted marriage
भ्रूक्षेपजिह्म n. bhrUkSepajihma side look with contracted brows
भङ्गिभाव m. bhaGgibhAva state of being bent or contracted
लोचक m. locaka wrinkled skin or contracted eyebrow
बद्धवैर adj. baddhavaira one who has contracted hostility with
सङ्गतगात्र adj. saGgatagAtra having contracted or shrivelled limbs
संहतभ्रूकुटिमुख adj. saMhatabhrUkuTimukha one on whose face the brows are contracted
संवृत adj. saMvRta articulated with the vocal chords contracted
सङ्ग्रहणीय adj. saGgrahaNIya to be drawn together or contracted or restrained
मृताशौच n. mRtAzauca impurity contracted through the death of any one
सम्भिन्नसर्वाङ्ग adj. sambhinnasarvAGga one who has contracted or compressed the whole body
मृतक n. mRtaka impurity contracted through the death of a relation
संस्कार m. saMskAra sacred or sanctifying ceremony one which purifies the person from the taint of sin contracted in the womb and thus leading to regeneration
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