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सम्बाधक adj. sambAdhaka contracting
सङ्कोचक adj. saGkocaka contracting
सङ्कोचिन् adj. saGkocin contracting
सङ्कर्षिन् adj. saGkarSin contracting
बन्ध m. bandha contracting
संहर m. saMhara contracting
सङ्कर्षण n. saGkarSaNa contracting
समञ्चन n. samaJcana contracting
कुञ्चन n. kuJcana contracting
गात्रसङ्कोचनी f. gAtrasaGkocanI contracting its body
भ्रुकुटीकृत् adj. bhrukuTIkRt contracting the brows
संनतभ्रु adj. saMnatabhru bending or contracting the brow
सङ्कोचन n. saGkocana act of contracting or closing or astringing
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