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हारित adj. hArita conveyed
ऊढ adj. UDha conveyed
प्रहित adj. prahita conveyed
प्रणीत adj. ppp. praNIta conveyed
उपसादित adj. upasAdita conveyed to
तारित adj. tArita conveyed across
ऊढ्वा ppp. UDhvA having conveyed
उपसङ्क्रान्ति f. upasaGkrAnti being conveyed across
शक्ति f. zakti idea conveyed by a case
वाहयति verb caus. vAhayati { vah } cause to be conveyed by
प्रापणीय adj. prApaNIya to be brought or conveyed to
वारिपथिक adj. vAripathika conveyed or imported by water
वाहित adj. vAhita caused to be borne or conveyed
प्रापित adj. prApita conveyed or conducted to or into
भाव m. bhAva sense conveyed by the abstract noun
कान्तारपथिक adj. kAntArapathika going on or conveyed on forest-roads
धृतवत् adj. dhRtavat one who has held or taken or conveyed
हारयते verb caus. hArayate { hR } cause to be taken or carried or conveyed or brought by or to
हारयति verb caus. hArayati { hR } cause to be taken or carried or conveyed or brought by or to
खाट m. khATa cot or bedstead on which dead bodies are conveyed to the pyre
व्याजस्तुति f. vyAjastuti praise or censure conveyed in language that expresses the contrary
सहस्रधारा f. sahasradhArA streams of water conveyed through a vessel pierced with a thousand little holes
अभ्यास m. abhyAsa inculcation of a truth conveyed in sacred writings by means of repeating the same word or the same passage
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