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कोज्या f. kojyA Cosine [math.]
कोटिज्या f. koTijyA Cosine [math.]
कोटिज्या f. koTijyA cosine [Trig.]
सुखता f. sukhatA cosiness
दिग्ज्या f. digjyA azimuth cosine of a place
कोटिजीवा f. koTijIvA cosine of an angle in a right-angled triangle
दृग्ज्या f. dRgjyA sine of the zenith distance or the cosine of the altitude
दृग्गति f. dRggati cosine of the zenith-distance or the sine of the highest or central point of the ecliptic at a given time
प्रथम m. prathama sum of the products divided by the difference between the squares of the cosine of the azimuth and the sine of the amplitude