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शय्या f. zayyA couch
तल्प m. talpa couch
मञ्च m. maJca couch
शयन n. zayana couch
शायिघास m. zAyighAsa couch grass [triticum repens - Bot.]
शय्यायाः उपरि नासीत् | मम कोषे एव आसीत् | क्षम्यताम् sent. zayyAyAH upari nAsIt | mama koSe eva AsIt | kSamyatAm It was not on the couch. It was in my pocket all along. Sorry.
शया f. zayA couch
तल्पा f. talpA couch
खट्वा f. khaTvA couch
निषद्या f. niSadyA couch
शिर m. zira couch
पल्यङ्क m. palyaGka couch
स्तरिमन् m. stariman couch
विष्टर m. viSTara couch
अन्तःकुटिल m. antaHkuTila couch
संस्तार m. saMstAra couch
आस्तर m. Astara couch
पर्यङ्क m. paryaGka couch
प्रस्तरण m. prastaraNa couch
शय m. zaya couch
शिर m. zira couch
पेचक m. pecaka couch
संस्तर m. saMstara couch
मञ्चक m.n. maJcaka couch
कशिपु m.n. kazipu couch
तलिम n. talima couch
शयनीय n. zayanIya couch
संस्तरण n. saMstaraNa couch
तलिन n. talina couch
शयनीयक n. zayanIyaka couch
स्योन n. syona soft couch
लघुखट्विका f. laghukhaTvikA small couch
राजशाय्या f. rAjazAyyA king's couch
शयनीयतल n. zayanIyatala bed or couch
राजशयन n. rAjazayana king's couch
वेणुशय्या f. veNuzayyA couch of reed
विलासशय्या f. vilAsazayyA pleasure-couch
विलासशय्या f. vilAsazayyA pleasure-couch
अरिष्टशय्या f. ariSTazayyA lying-in couch
केलिशयन n. kelizayana pleasure-couch
केलिशयन n. kelizayana pleasure-couch
विहारशयन n. vihArazayana pleasure-couch
विहारशयन n. vihArazayana pleasure-couch
शीर्षणी f. zIrSaNI head of a couch
पुष्पशय्या f. puSpazayyA couch of flower
पर्णशय्या f. parNazayyA couch of leaves
सुतल्प n. sutalpa beautiful couch
शीर्षण्य n. zIrSaNya head of a couch
शय्यागत adj. zayyAgata lying on a couch
शयुत्रा ind. zayutrA on or to a couch
कुसुमशयन n. kusumazayana couch of flowers
शय्यासन n. zayyAsana couch and a seat
तल्प्य adj. talpya worthy of a couch
तल्पीकृत adj. talpIkRta made into a couch
शयनपालिका f. zayanapAlikA keeper of a couch
सुखशय्या f. sukhazayyA comfortable couch
देवतल्प m. devatalpa couch of the gods
विष्टर m.n. viSTara any seat or couch
निषद्या f. niSadyA small bed or couch
तल्पशद्य n. talpazadya resting on a couch
शय्यापाल m. zayyApAla guardian of the couch
शय्यापालक m. zayyApAlaka guardian of the couch
प्रस्तर m. prastara couch of any material
शरतल्प m. zaratalpa couch formed of arrow
विरहशयन n. virahazayana solitary couch or bed
निखट्वा f. nikhaTvA kind of chair or couch
स्वास्तर m. svAstara good straw for a couch
प्रस्तरेष्ठ adj. prastareSTha being on a couch or bed
भूशय्या f. bhUzayyA couch on the bare ground
खट्वयति verb khaTvayati { khaTvaya } make into a bed or couch
भस्मशय्याशयान m. bhasmazayyAzayAna lying on a couch of ashes
रत्नतल्प m. ratnatalpa couch adorned with jewels
तल्पेज adj. talpeja produced on a bed or couch
तल्पशीवन् adj. talpazIvan resting or lying on a couch
प्रस्तर m. prastara couch of leaves and flowers
नवस्वस्तर m. navasvastara bed or couch of fresh grass
स्रस्तर m.n. srastara couch or sofa for reclining
महाशयन n. mahAzayana great or lofty bed or couch
सन्दष्टकुसुमशयन adj. sandaSTakusumazayana indenting a couch of flowers
शयनस्थ adj. zayanastha being or reclining on a couch
शयनरचन n. zayanaracana preparation of a bed or couch
स्वास्तरण adj. svAstaraNa having a fair couch or cushion
वीरशय m. vIrazaya couch of a dead or wounded hero
अद्रिशय्य m. adrizayya having the mountain for a couch
वीरशयन n. vIrazayana couch of a dead or wounded hero
महाशय्या f. mahAzayyA great or lofty or splendid couch
वह्यशीवन् adj. vahyazIvan reclining on a couch or palanquin
सुष्टरीमन् adj. suSTarIman forming an excellent bed or couch
फणितल्पग m. phaNitalpaga resorting to a serpent as a couch
शय्यादान n. zayyAdAna offering a couch or resting-place
शयनीकरोति verb zayanIkaroti { zayanIkR } make into a couch or resting-place
प्रतिशीवन् adj. pratizIvan serving as a couch or resting-place
वेत्रासन n. vetrAsana small oblong low couch of cane-work
अधःशय्य adj. adhaHzayya having a peculiar couch on the ground
स्योनशी adj. syonazI resting on a soft couch or comfortably
प्रस्तिर m. prastira bed or couch made of flowers and leaves
शय्याप्रान्तविवर्तन n. zayyAprAntavivartana rolling from one side to another of a couch
अधःशय्या f. adhaHzayyA act of sleeping on the ground and on a peculiar couch
वीरशायिन् adj. vIrazAyin lying as a dead or wounded warrior on a couch of arrows
अपाश्रय m. apAzraya upper portion of a bed or couch on which the head rests
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