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पाअदर्शदात्री f. pAadarzadAtrI counsellor
सचिव m. saciva counsellor
मन्तु m. mantu counsellor
मन्त्रधारिन् m. mantradhArin counsellor
परादर्शदात m. parAdarzadAta counsellor
धीसजिव m. dhIsajiva counsellor
मन्त्रदृश् adj. mantradRz counsellor
मन्त्रिन् m. mantrin counsellor
आमात्य m. AmAtya counsellor
मन्त्रधर m. mantradhara counsellor
मन्तृ m. mantR counsellor
व्यावहारिक m. vyAvahArika counsellor
मन्तृ m. mantR counsellor
अमास्य m. amAsya counsellor
शिष्ट m. ziSTa counsellor
शमथ m. zamatha counsellor
भ्रान्तिहर m. bhrAntihara counsellor
धीसचिव m. dhIsaciva counsellor
रहाट m. rahATa counsellor
मन्त्रकृत् m. mantrakRt counsellor
समुपदेष्टा m. samupadeSTA counsellor
कुमन्त्रिन् m. kumantrin bad counsellor
मतिसचिव m. matisaciva wise counsellor
धीसख m. dhIsakha wise counsellor
धीसचिव m. dhIsaciva wise counsellor
कल्याणमित्र n. kalyANamitra good counsellor
मूर्धाभिषिक्त m. mUrdhAbhiSikta royal counsellor
महामन्त्रिन् m. mahAmantrin chief counsellor
राजमन्त्रधर m. rAjamantradhara king's counsellor
मन्त्रि m. mantri king's counsellor
तुलक m. tulaka king's counsellor
मन्त्रिन् m. mantrin king's counsellor
देवपतिमन्त्रिन् m. devapatimantrin indra's counsellor
बुद्धिसहाय m. buddhisahAya counsellor minister
सुरमन्त्रिन् m. suramantrin counsellor of the gods
उपमन्त्रिन् m. upamantrin subordinate counsellor
सामवायिक m. sAmavAyika minister or counsellor
महेन्द्रमन्त्रिन् m. mahendramantrin great lord's counsellor
सुसचिव m. susaciva good minister or counsellor
मन्त्रिवत् ind. mantrivat like a counsellor or minister
पात्र m. pAtra king's counsellor or minister
राजगुरु m. rAjaguru king's minister or counsellor
हितवादिन् adj. hitavAdin friendly counsellor or adviser
सुशिष्ट m. suziSTa faithful minister or counsellor
प्रकृति f. prakRti body of ministers or counsellors
मन्त्रिप्रकाण्ड m. mantriprakANDa excellent counsellor or minister
सुसचिव adj. susaciva having a good minister or counsellor
सामात्य adj. sAmAtya accompanied by ministers or counsellors
मन्त्रविद् m. mantravid counsellor or a learned Brahman or a spy
समन्त्रिन् adj. samantrin together with or accompanied by counsellors
साचिव्य n. sAcivya office of the counsellor or friend of a king
उपक्रम m. upakrama trying the fidelity of a counsellor or friend
मन्त्रिधुर adj. mantridhura able to bear the burden of the office of a counsellor
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